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What happens when your hobby doesn’t match your personal style?

Posted by Miss Knotty on October 16, 2008

Okay. This is going to sound weird.  Okay, very, very weird.

I’m not a sweater wearer. Or a shawl wearer.  Or a sock-wearer, terribly often. At least, not out of the house.  I sometimes put socks in my knitting bag and put them on at SNBs, mostly for the ‘look, I do SO wear my knitting…’ effect. 

I don’t know what it is with me, but I am just not a big knits-wearer.  It’s not a part of my personal style, as weird as that sounds. I have one beret (the Urchin Beret that I recently finished) that I love wearing, and wear whenever I can find an excuse to wear it.  I love looking at peoples’ knits and things, but I just don’t wear knitted things – storebought or otherwise, as a part of my wardrobe. I also don’t really wear tennis shoes or clogs, and in the shoes I wear, anything more than a trouser sock is too much sock, and since I typically wear slingbacks and/or high heels, trouser socks don’t exactly fit the profile either.  While I love the zaniness of legwarmers, my style is not boho enough to pull them off, even under jeans, although I might make some to have my car for the drive into work. Maybe.  I wear jeans on Fridays, with dress shirts, and business professional the rest of the week, and handknits don’t really fit my style when going out, even ‘on the town’.  So I’m just wondering if anyone else is in this boat with me.

Do you knit garments but never wear them because they don’t fit your style?   

I’m working on ripping restarting a cardigan, and I LOVE looking at shawls, have oodles of yarn appropriate for various knitty causes, and yet cannot bring myself to start anything, because I just don’t wear the stuff I knit, and I feel kinda foolish knitting and knitting on things that I don’t ever wear or use.  I’m excited about finishing my felted messenger because it’s the first item that I can really see myself using on a real basis. 

Still though, I wouldn’t buy a garment that I never wear, so is it wise for me to invest all this time in knitting garments I may never wear? I get so inspired by people who knit up beautiful garments and then wear them, but the truth is the climate here isn’t exactly conducive to wearing sweaters outdoors for 10 months out of the year…  So you can imagine the pickle I’m in.

I don’t see myself stopping knitting, but I’m just kind of confused and indecisive about the whole thing.  Knitters: have you been in this pickle?  How did you get out?


3 Responses to “What happens when your hobby doesn’t match your personal style?”

  1. FyrDrakken said

    Aside from looking for knitted things you might actually find reason to wear/use, there’s also the gift option. I resort to that whenever there’s something I’d like to knit but can’t see myself as actually wearing or using if I did — I talk to the people who rate knitted Xmas or birthday gifts from me and ask if it would be something they’d like.

  2. Manda said

    ha! I don’t wear knits either. Well, I do wear the socks I made that I HAVEN’T given away, and I have one cardigan that I wear, but only when my other sweaters are dirty & in the washer. but I don’t wear shawls. I don’t wear hats and scarves. I’m not even sure anybody I give things to wear them. But it sure is fun to do. :)

  3. Lise said

    I wear VERY FEW of my handknits (the last time was when I WENT TO RHINEBECK last year and my shawl was stolen off my arm. So you know why I don’t wear handknits. BUT I have discovered that I will knit for others and I am finding more bags and other items that I just love making. I also don’t worry about wearing them. I love making them – so who cares?

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