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Activities galore and What Really Matters

Posted by Miss Knotty on October 14, 2008

So, much much much going on!  Very exciting week last week – I had events on EVERY NIGHT except Friday (which ended with a lot of hanging out with Mr. Man and knitting. Bliss! But just to give you an idea of my crazy-hectic-but-great life:

Mon: Serenity Game @ Dave & Holly’s

Tues: Guild night (FINALLY STARTING BLUEBONNET CARDI! YAYYYAYAYAYAYAY!!) – This will mean about a mile of i-cord to start (not really – just 83 rows), but I’m really okay with that, because it means WE’RE STARTING THE SWEATER!!! eeeeee.  (I might be just a leeetle bit excited about starting the sweater.)

Wed: Stitch & Bitch with blogless Erica.  – This’ll be the first time in like 3 weeks, b/c I had to do a little schedule shuffle to go to the Fair, so I’m looking forward to having a quiet night with a knitterly amigo to just hang and chill.  Looking forward to it!

Thurs: Craft Circle of Doom!! Rather like a Stitch & Bitch, but many bring their SOs and hang, and many crafts are represented, not just knitting (although several of us are knitterly) – There’s also beading and jewelry making, embroidery, cross-stitch and other Crafting (World of WarCraft), yeah, it’s a stretch, but we’ll allow it.

Friday: No action planned.  – this evening actually ended up just couple-y with Mr. Man, hanging, watching some TV, knitting, and enjoying each others’ company.  It was bliss, and I just loved it.  Very, very much looking forward to many such nights in the future.  Maybe if I’m very, very good…

But wait, there’s more!

Saturday Day: Texas/OU Red River Rivalry.  Texas won 45-35 – Woo! Hook ’em, Horns!!!

Saturday night:  Michael Buble at the Ft. Worth Convention Center!!! I got these tix for Mr. Man for his B-day, and we’ve been waiting since AUGUST! So excited!  Ended up getting a new pretty blouse to wear that insisted on showing my bra all evening.  Irritation!  But once the music started I didn’t care anymore!  That guy’s voice is just awesome!  I got a great ceramic coffee mug for work and some buttons for the tote-bag adornment.

Sunday: Stitch & Bitch Dallas! WEE! Such fun with the hanging of the outing! We had many many ha-has!

This week promises to deliver on the action too!

Last night was my token night of ‘nothing planned’.  I had a Board Meeting tonight, have a Mary Kay party tomorrow night, a possible S&B and a possible ‘just hanging out with Mr. Man’ evening Thursday, and (believe it or not), my 10th year homecoming game on Friday.  I’m going. I’m not going to the ‘reception’ or whatever, didn’t even keep the flyer when they mailed it to my parents’ house, but I haven’t seen Miss Becca since she became Mrs. Becca on July 4, so Mr. Man and I are going to the game to hang with them.  Or maybe we won’t. Decisions have been kinda made, but not in any kind of ‘final’ way.

What really matters:

Mr. Man and I have been hanging out a lot lately, but in groups, and last week we finally got some one-on-one time, and I think it was really just what the doctor ordered.  We got to talk and be silly and watch TV and enjoy snarky color commentary (get outta my head!!) and just really remember why we love hanging out together, and I think it kinda really recharged both of us a little.  Plus, yesterday I got to meet more extended family (his maternal grandparents) for a celebration of October Birthdays, and oh my what fun! Everyone was relaxed and cool, and I got to gab knitting with his grandmother and aunt (insta-topic! WEE!) and get to know his family better – they’re all really neat people! :)   It was really nice to see everyone just kinda hanging out like that, very chill and laughing together.

In Knitting Knews, I finished and felted my Kureyon Once-was-a-Booga:
Felted Messenger 4 (flap side)
Now I just have to put on the strap (need some hardware for this), and decide on a flap closure option. It’s definitely for me, but I’m thinking about giving it one more run through the washing machine, but I’m not yet married to this option.

I’ve also gotten up to 3-4-4 on my candace E-S scarf.  it’s prettyful:
Candace E-S Scarf 3-4-4

I’ve had to rip out the Bluebonnet cardi and restart again, because there was a little hole in my pickup off of the i-cord, and I didn’t like how my m1s were making up on either side of the raglan increase. I’m going to go back to my swatch and look into some other increase options and see if I can get an increase that I’m happier with. I don’t know that a YO increase will make me any happier, b/c it might create more fabric than I wanted, and jack with my gauge and final sizing. then again, it might be just what the doctor ordered, because the backward loop was looking loosey-goosey on one side of the raglan line and tight and fitted on the other, which was the source of my consternation to begin with. In other news, I had a knitting needle fail – I closed my 32″ addi turbos in the car door in my hurry to get upstairs after Guild. Grreeat. My project was ON those needles. Well crap crappity crap. So I got on Knitpicks and rounded out my Options collection just that little bit more. Now I have needle sizes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. (I ordered 6, 8, and 9, and I have oodles of cable lengths so whoopie! But I digress.

In still yet other news, I’ve dragged the needles out again, and signed up for my annual cavalcade of fun known as ‘Seasonal WoW play. It’ll probably be a short season for me this year, maybe only 3 months, but it’ll be fun all the same. I’ve had occasional periods of missing wow, but I’m not a terribly active player, and people don’t rely on me to raid, so it’s not like it’s a major thing.  In any case, I have toons on tons of servers, because I’m impatient and I wanted to run a bunch of different toons on different servers (different races, classes, etc.)  Lataz!


One Response to “Activities galore and What Really Matters”

  1. Jennifer said

    I absolutely love that scarf….I must knit it….

    I love that WoW is part of your Crafting group….it made me giggle.

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