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Projects in Progress:

Posted by Miss Knotty on October 2, 2008

So, I’ve been raring to go for the Bluebonnet Cardigan, have my swatch knitted and everything, and…. I’m struggling with impatience. I want to cast on! Now! Now now now! (stamps foot).  But I’m being good, and not casting on.  But I HAVE to have some diversions, apparently, so I started some little projects for the meantime, such as socks with some very pretty autumnal Cherry Tree Hill, (a gift from Blogless Libby for housesitting). I’ve actually had to restart these a number of times, because I’ve had gauge issues – CTH is very fluffy for a sock yarn, so I’m up to a Crystal Palace 2.5 (3 mm) to knit these. (Gonna need to go up to a 3 (3.25 mm) if this doesn’t work).  As it’s been in glorified swatch status for this month (that means I’ve started the sock, been displeased with my gauge and ripped out), I’ve taken no pictures of it.  It’s kinda funny though, the last time I started them, I was at the Pathfinder game (last Friday night), and Lyndee asked if I was making a God’s Eye, and looking at it from a non-knitter’s POV, it really does actually look like a God’s Eye (or perhaps just a hot mess, with pointy sticks sticking every which way (it’s toe-up, after all, and those do start out looking rather like a little wad with sticks coming out of them)),  but way to point that out!  In other news, Mr. Man has mentioned maybe having me participate in the game for the next couple sessions and playing NPCs! That could be way cool!! A little mini-participation, not too involved, and not trying to suddenly create a lvl 3 character that will integrate with the already-large party on their campaign (6 players, + DM).  It’ll be like a little taste, to see if I’m really into this whole tabletop thing.  Oh, sorry. Back to knitting.

So in the meantime, I’ve also been knitting a dice bag using Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Pi Shawl as a template – my wicked plan is to knit up to the increase round after 48 rounds, do the increase round, knit a couple of rounds of 96, then bind off and run a ribbon through all the little eyelet holes and cinch it. I have hopes that it will end well. Failing actually knitting up 48 rows from the last eyelet round, I may get up to a multiple of six, do a faux eyelet round and do a few more rounds and bind off – that may actually yield a better result, b/c the eyelets will be a little bigger. Here’s the current:
Dice Bag stitch def

In other news of impatience, I’m up to 3-3-3 on my Candance E-S scarf, and I took a picture, but it didn’t come out well – the flash washed out the color change, but in the interest of full disclosure, I’ve popped it in here, because I’m a good little knitizen:
Candace E-S Scarf Progress (3-3-3)

I also got good and tired of looking at my Kureyon mini-collection and decided to bite the bullet and start a bag. So I started a booga bag, and made some pretty good progress:
Booga Bag in Progress
But I’m not in love right now. So I think I’m going to frog it out and start with a bigger base, so I’ll get to use up more of my noro – the original pattern calls for only 3 balls, and I have 5, so I’m thinking I’ll do a bigger base, with a larger number of picked up stitches, and that will eat up the excess mileage.

Hrmm, what else?

Oh! I finished my urchin beret, and finally got it blocked! Check it:
Blocking Urchin


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