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In which the knitter has a fun weekend…

Posted by Miss Knotty on September 28, 2008

And forgets to take a single picture, despite having a camera with her for the entire duration of the weekend.

I did finish something though, (and on the day I STARTED IT! Will wonders never cease and thank God for fast-knitting patterns.)

The Urchin Beret, from Knitty Fall 2007.
Urchin Beret pre-blockingShoot the back bathroom pic

Mods:  I knit the smallest size, after ripping the whole thing because I knit the biggest size and it was WAY too big.  Please take into account that garter stitch stretches and has a LOT of give.

Caveats: I think there may be an error in the pattern counts, unless you’re supposed to wrap and turn on the same stitch 4 times for the brim wrappings, which doesn’t look like what she did in the picture.

Knit the smallest size to fit a 21″ head (mine), without a lot of hair.

Milestones:  This was the first pattern I’ve ever knit from my own handspun (go me!)

Comments:  I DID enjoy knitting this pattern, both times.  I was bummed when I sewed it up the first time, popped it in my head and learned that it was COMPLETELY ENORMOUS.  I was a LITTLE bummed when I sewed it up the second time and learned that it was a leetle small, but I took heart in realizing that 1) It will be mercilessly blocked and it’s wool, so it’ll stretch, and 2) it’s garter stitch and so it will stretch when it’s [mercilessly] blocked.

Despite my marked camnesia for the Knit Out and Crochet on Saturday (way fun and I won Shibori Knits – Woo! and my slackage in not going to S&B today, but in going to the game day over at David and Holly’s and having muy fun times, I DID actually manage to not only take a shot of the hat, but also put it on, style it and model it, and with good hair, too (My good hair is not a product of my efforts in this instance; I pulled it out of the ponytail holder, shook it out a little, and it just worked out this way.  Would that it were that easy generally.) (note kicky hair in 2nd picture – how cute is that?!
Beret 1Beret sideview

Anyway, so that’s kind of the sum of my weekend.  Had fun, chilled out, met Mr. Man’s parents and missing brother (well, the only brother I hadn’t met yet), and brother’s wife and daughter, for another of the brother’s birthday (Happy Birthday, Tony!), everything turned out pretty cool. Time for bed now.


2 Responses to “In which the knitter has a fun weekend…”

  1. lingobird said

    Awesome job on that beret it looks great! Beautiful yarn, too. :)

  2. sandy said

    my friend, i am so happy for you, yarn looks great, hat looks great, hair look great….and you did them all while i am sure charming folks at knit up and his family! you go girl!

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