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Posted by Miss Knotty on September 22, 2008

I’m branching into a new area of craftery, but only for a brief foray:  I’m hand-making a book.  I’d appreciate any input you could provide in this area, dear reader(s). 

I’m not branching into this area lightly, mind.  I am doing it as a result of my inability to find ANY datebooks that show date pages the way I like to see them, with 1 week per page, so that when the book lies open, I can see 2 weeks at a time (Calendar fail?).  I busted out the Google and the Yahoo! searches, I searched through Staples’ Big Book of Office Supplies (that you don’t need), and didn’t find ANY options for page viewing in this fashion (Office Supply Fail).  So I busted out my mad Microsoft Word Table Skillz, made a beginning template, and “built” myself a calendar. 

Now comes the difficult part:  How to orient the date pages so that when I bind them, the right weeks show up next to each other.  I realize there are several ways to skin this particular cat, but my preferred way is ‘easiest’, particularly since I’m a n00b at this.  I have not yet established what or how to make this process ‘easiest’. Blah.

I’ll document progress in pictures, in an effort to appease my hungry masses. (/hyperbole) (shah right)

Anyway, I thought I might be able to solve this problem with maths or maybe a simple page reorientation, but I’m concerned, even before starting, that I may have shot myself in the foot by creating 3-columned pages, where the center column is basically a space holder, and I might be better served by having two independent 1-column pages per sheet, and print them 2-sided, so that when I fold the page in the middle for sew-binding (I’m going to sew the pages, then glue the sewn portion into a ‘cover’ and then put in endpapers in the inside, just to pretty it all up a bit.  I’m so crafty. I know.), the correct weeks show up next to each other. Madness, I know, to want to see the dates in proper chronological order.  But that’s how I roll.

For the cover, I bought a sheet of craft foam (for just a leetle bit of structure), a sheet of pretty cardstock for the outside cover, and a sheet of pretty scrapbooking paper for the endpaper pieces.  I may replace the craft foam with actual cardboard instead, or may skip it altogether. I’m undecided at thisi juncture.  I don’t want my little book to be awkward to use, and my current calendar only has (thin) cardstock for a cover,and it’s perfectly serviceable, but I’m not sure whether this will be adequate in the making of a handmade book. I’ll be doing a ‘practice run’ before I do any cutting on the ‘good” sheets, natch.  My current datebook is also mass-produced, so clearly an exact copy isn’t a realistic goal.  Unless Simply Knitting makes another datebook, which will negate all my hard work on this.  After all this effort, I’ll likely use my own production as a matter of pride (since I put forth the effort to make the thing), but I got my date book for this year from Simply Knitting and I LOVE it. That’s why I’m trying to reproduce a reasonable facsimile (but maybe artsier and without ads or British holidays in it… Not that they weren’t fun or interesting to see, but they didn’t have a whole lot of relevance to me, here in the US of A.  It was fun to see when the different festivals in Britain occurred, though.  I liked that.)

Clearly this will require more pondering on my part, and maybe some expirimentation and attempts. Pictures will be forthcoming once I finally put the rubber to the road.  I just don’t want to print out a bunch of stuff and have it be wasted. 

In other news, here are some fun pictures from Oktoberfest.

Rabbi Moishe Cluchman:
Rabbi cluckman redux

Mr. Man’s Brother Jeff and his girlfriend Lashonda , doing their Best K-Mart Photolab/Drill Team Poses:
Chicken - I can has it Lashonda - K-Mart Chicken

I’m sure you can imagine, much fun was had.

One Response to “Crafty DANGER”

  1. TX_Cricket said

    I found a book on the net printed in natural order on landscape letter, 2 columns, single sided. Fold each sheet in half, print side out, stack pages & bind the open edge. I thought it was simply genious! No math involved. If you want week 1 facing week 2, start on the right side of the first sheet. Or, if you want a book that is 1|2, 2|3, 3|4… that would just be the same week on both columns of each sheet.

    It would be double thickness, but you wouldn’t worry about bleed through of double sided printing. You could use lighter weight paper to cut the bulk. Also, no need to trim edges like the stack then fold method.

    Hope it helps. :) You’ve inspired me to make one. I’ll probably use a ring binder instead.

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