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Edited to Add:

Posted by Miss Knotty on September 3, 2008

Okay, I didn’t actually edit my post to add this, but I thought it looked like a neat title, and I’ve been editing some forum posts of mine on Ravelry, and it struck me that I almost always find it IRRESISTIBLE to read posts that people have Editor’s notes at the bottom (or “ETA”, the acronym).  Like seriously.  I HAVE to read them.  I HAVE to know what was so important to add to their opinion that they had to go BACK to a previous post and change something they said.  It’s a thing, I know.

Anyway, I was fishing around in my stash last night and I found 20 balls of Crystal Palace Creme – 10 in ‘Charcoal’ and 10 in ‘Denim Blue’ – roughly 1240 yards of each color. I think of Lobachevsky and I had idea ha-HA! 

Crystal palace Creme Blue Crystal palace Creme Black

So I started swatching with a sz 8 needle, with the Denim Blue.  I also took my bust measurement (near as I can tell), and decided on the size I need.  I have WAY more yarn than I’ll need, but I won’t be able to finish the whole thing in only 1 color, unless I shorten the sleeves.  This may not be an issue after all is said and done as I have T-Rex arms, but I’m thinking I’ll do some stranded color work to incorporate the color in little by little.  But as I was thinking about it more, it might end up as a bargello-looking zigzag across my bosom, which would look a little Harlequinesque and maybe clownish, and perhaps a little Charlie-Brownish (okay, I’ll admit I added the last bit for my own giggle.  That’s how I roll.) 

So anyway, ponder that thought with me, and if you have any ideas – maybe a neat little stranded motif in a ‘band’ where the color changes, like a ribbon, or maybe a gradual transition into the new color – I’m open to  ideas.  Please bounce them off me!! :)


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