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In the ‘news’ category:

Posted by Miss Knotty on September 2, 2008

Work is going crazy.  I had 3 people in my department, and now I have one people.  Me. So I AM the department.  My work, as you can imagine, has increased twofold, as I am now doing 3 people’s jobs.  To add to this mix, our beloved Office Manager has gone on vacation this week, to Disney World.  Isn’t that cool?  I hope she enjoys her vacation, but in the meantime, I’m also filling in on some of her responsibilities, which is fine, she asked me to do it and that’s cool, but you can imagine it’s all a bit MUCH, on the Tuesday after a holiday to come in, not even have time to put my PURSE DOWN ON MY INTERIM DESK (she’s the receptionist too, so I’m sitting at the reception desk this week – ooooh goody) and have someone yelling at me from across the office that the phones are down, and not only that but there’s an unholy screeching coming from our server room (a UPS failed) (which likely has some linkage to the phone issue) and whatdoyouintendtodoaboutitrightthisinstantbecauseit’syourjobwhileAmber’soutandwhatdoyoumean ‘give me a minute’ thisshouldn’tbehappeningandclearlyit’sallyourfaultbecauseyoujustwalkedinthedooryoucheekymonkey. 

I hope this isn’t a portent of how things are going to go down this week, but more of a ‘okay, first things first, crisis! Then, Okay! Now it’s all downhill from here’, and ‘by the way, good job not leaving again right away’.  I mean, CRIMINY!

Here, look at a finished sock:
Nanner Sock

Soothing, isn’t it?

I finally finished my Nanner socks!
Knitted toe-up with Regia Silk on US 1.5 Crystal Palace DPNs
Mods: I changed to a flap and gusset heel, turned on its side, and knitted 5 repeats on the leg, and finished with 2×2 ribbing (I don’t remember how the pattern finished out, so this may or may not be an actual mod, but the heel was definitely a different construction).

In other news, my Knitting Guild starts back up tonight – 7:30 at the Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration, Hillcrest and Spring Valley in North Dallas.  Big excitement!  We’ll be embarking on Patricia Kalthoff’s Bluebonnet cardigan.  If you’re looking for me, I’ll be the one near the front, hyperventilating – I am not a great public speaker, and add that to the fact that my ‘audience’ will be armed with pointy sticks (that will likely remind me of Klingon pain sticks), that’s kind of a recipe for panic for me.  I know, you’re supposed to imagine the audience in their underpants if you get stage fright, but I don’t know if I have that established an imagination.  I just have to get through my little spiel and I’ll be allright.  I’ve got almost everything off all my needles in preparation of knitting this garment – I don’t know what yarn I’m going to use yet.  I’m going to use stash, so this will probably end up being a navy cardi, because that’s the only yarn I already have in stash that I have enough to knit a sweater, except for my Valley Yarns Northampon, and that’s already earmarked for my Burridge Lake Aran Afghan (Ravelry Link) (and I waited for like 4 months for that yarn to come in, and darned if I’m NOT going to use it for my afghan, because the color matches the color in the green stripe of my sofa PERFECTLY.) 

So navy it is. I need to take my measurements, though, to make sure I make the right size. I’m not the same size as I was when I was working on the Circumnavigated Cardigan year-before-last. Well, before it met with its untimely demise, anyway. I think I’ve gotten to the point that I can knit with that yarn again without being bitter.  I THINK. I’m so glad that cat’s out of my life, though. Soooo much better off without her.

Had a great time with the Errant Gamers at L2 Con – Labour of Love – I got a con badge and everything, and played games and laughed my fool head off all weekend.  It was FREAKING GREAT, and I’ve even been invited to a party on President’s Day next year as a result – Wooot!!

In other Other news, I got my Buble tix for when he comes to Ft. Worth in October!!! So excited, and also got my new Spinsanity Spindle, and my alpaca roving from Spindlefrog.  So lots of things are in the works.

Anyway, yeah. That’s the news that is. :)


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