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Book Clubs, Knitting and working, oh my!

Posted by Miss Knotty on July 29, 2008

Okay, so I’ve been a bad blogger. I know. I apologize for my lack of bloggery, but much much has happened, most of which is stuff that is too close to home for me to talk about.

1) Joined this: Plurkette Hencircle Badge

The Plurkette hencircle. If you’re a Plurkie, please look me up, my screenname is DeltaPlurke, and I love it on there. Much fun to be had, and many many hilarious side conversations.

The Hencircle is a pen pal circle with actually writing letters and stuff. Yeah, I like to do this. Yeah, I’m a throwback. I prefer to think of hobbies such as this as making me charming and eccentric, rather than just a weird 27-almost-28 year old.

2) I turn 28 on August 10. 28, to my mind, is a fairly minor birthday. Not much happens, at 28. It’s not a landmark birthday; I don’t get insurance breaks, and it doesn’t become legal for me to do something that was illegal for me to do before, so it’s kind of an anticlimactic birthday. One thing is important though: My driver’s license expires. Like really expires. Like, I have to go to the DPS (Department of Public Safety for all you non-Texans) and get my picture taken again. Oooh goody. So I have to go get that lovely blue-backdropped picture taken, because my beautiful self on my current drivers license looks like I made a fake ID to make myself look younger. I’m a charming 18-year old there. So, it’s my responsibility to go get that picture retaken. I really, really wish they’d let me bring in a Glamour Shot or something instead. I just know that I’ll end up looking hagged out until the next anticlimactic birthday where I have to get a new driver’s license picture taken, way in the future. Sigh. Note to self: camera makeup. That is all.

3) Knitting guild starts back up in a month. A MONTH. Much to do. Really looking forward to this year – we’re doing another sweater project, but also doing some different things too. Think about coming, maybe! :)

4) With all of the Tour de Fleece coolness, (Way to go on your Maillot Jaune, Ms. Harlot, and everyone who participated!) I’ve been thinking a lot about technical spinning, and improving my own technique, which is not a standard technique, in the least – I kinda learned from a book and took it from there, and also learned some from friends’ guidance and stuff, but mostly from books and online tutorials. All that to say that I’ve been taken with wanting to improve my spinning technique and learn some new techniques on top of that. Either on spindle or wheel, but I would like to focus mostly on producing consistent singles and improving my plying techniques on the wheel. I should note here that I get a fairly consistent singles on my spindle spinning, and my plying is fairly good there too, but when I add the wheel, I lose my consistency and my plying… well, just forget it. I can’t navajo ply with any expectation of consistency, and even plying from separate bobbins usually just yields me with lengths of some well-plied, some falling-apart yarn that I can’t hope to have anything more than a pretty border for something with it, and I want more for my yarns.

So I’m thinking of doing a membership with the Dallas Handweavers and Spinners Guild, and taking the November Spinning workshop that they’re advertising on their website. I think it’d be neat, and if it’s not prohibitively expensive, I think I’ll look further into it. It’s in the ‘we’ll see’ category at this moment. Looking at their website, it looks a lot like they’re more into the weavers half of their weaving and spinning guild, but that’s cool. I can deal. I’d love to learn to weave on a floor loom, but since that’s not anywhere close to the realm of something I could afford at this point, I think I’m restraining myself admirably. Especially considering the shah right factor of being a knitter, spinner, weaver and having even a shadow of hope of finishing things I start in the same year wherein I started them. Although I think my spinning would look better in woven garments than in knitted ones, but be that as it may, I’m still trying to produce nice knittable yarn, so I need to keep my eye on the prize.

5)I would be a liar if I said I didn’t have a birthday wishlist, but most of what I want is in the realm of ‘yeah right’ so I’ll try putting the realistic ones on a list:

A subscription to Interweave Knits, Spin-Off, or Vogue Knitting.

Anything on my Amazon Wishlist.

Socks that Rock yarn,

Yarn, Full stop. I love that particular yarn. I want a sweater’s worth for this fall’s sweater project. Puuuurty. I might especially love the indigo and ebony colors. Mmmmm deeelish. Now I recognize that this likely falls into the ‘you have to buy it yourself’ and/or the ‘yeah right’ list, but this is on the very low end of the cost spectrum of the ‘yeah right list’. I’ll give some examples of the ‘yeah right list’ below, just for your reference. (and entertainment.)

This little cutie, or maybe this little cutie

A new drop spindle from Spinsanity. I might love that one just a little too much. Might. I admit nothing.

6) I’m in a book club! We read (or were supposed to read) Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice this month, and we’ll be reading Persuasion next month. I LOVED Persuasion, so it’ll be a pleasure to read again, and I recommend it. I personally think it was one of Austen’s best works.

7) For your amusement, I present some of the ‘yeah right’ wishlist:

A year’s worth of car (or debt, or rent/bills) payments, (I told you it was the ‘yeah right’ wishlist!) So that I might pursue artistic interests for a little while, without living the artist’s lifestyle. (i.e. without dental insurance -ew)

To have my 401(k) deposits maxed out for the year.

A bit fat IRA deposit (if my IRA weren’t moaning in despair), or maybe a CD (not the music kind) (Money appears to be playing a big role in this list….)

A year’s worth of digital cable

A 29″ or larger LCD TV

TiVo, or its Digital Cable Equivalent

Kromski Polonaise Spinning Wheel. I’m actually saving this one for when I’m out of debt. It’s going to be the first thing I save for and buy once all my car and other debt is paid off. Unless someone buys it for me. I won’t say no to that. I’ll just make one of those other ‘shah right’ items the prize. Probably the retirement investments. I should be focusing on those more than a spinning wheel anyway. Should. Like Suze Orman says, people first, then money, then things. Well…. I know this is a thing, but it makes people happy – I’m a people!, and it costs money…. Whatever. It’s my ‘get outta debt’ prize, and I’m going to keep wanting it, until I get one, so that’s just how it’s gonna be, shee?


2 Responses to “Book Clubs, Knitting and working, oh my!”

  1. patrice said

    You may want to look over at the Texas dps web site. It’s possible to renew online now. I let mine expire – by five days – and just had a little visit personally at the dps…which really was a complete no brainer. But while looking online to see what the consequenses of my forgetting were (none, except maybe having to go in person), I found out that there is an online option. HTH.

  2. Aimee said

    Hi there – we are glad you joined us and joined the penpal circle – but we are having a hard time finding you on Plurk now…and we need your email address for sending your pal info – can you please send it to Steph at knitsteph at gmail dot come ASAP as we are working on sending out pals now! Thanks.

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