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Wherein the knitter concedes that she has a leetle bit more yarn than she might originally have let on. (Caution: Pics ahead)

Posted by Miss Knotty on July 4, 2008

Uhhhh, well, maybe like a lot more:

Mostly uncatalogued Yarn collection 7.4.08

I have a ton of uncatalogued yarn. if I don’t catalogue it, it means I don’t have it, right? So it’s okay to acquire more, right? Right?

Wrong. I’ve still got room in my apartment, but I’ve got enough yarn now (to my mind) that I really should start knitting from stash for a while. I know, I know. One of my resolutions was to knit from stash. To which my subconscious answer was well, I suppose I’ll just have to acquire more stash from which to knit. I realize that my stash acquisition hobbies are usually on the heels of emotional decisions and/or preface and represent avoidance of said emotional decisions. Acquisition afterwards for those kinds of purchases is usually a ‘congratulations, you made a tough decision. Bully for you. Go forth, therefore, and increase – your yarn stash, that is’. Yeah, it’s silly, it’s ridiculous and maybe a little wasteful, but you know what? People cope in different ways.

I cope in yarn.

I also have nifty storage.
Yarn storage shelves 1 of 2Yarn storage shelves 2 of 2

Noooo, not all this yarn fits in these little book cases, one of which also holds a bunch of my spinning fiber. I keep some of it in the closet, in airtight bins. Because I don’t have enough room to display it all. Sigh. Pauvre moi… Peel me a grape!

In any case, I got a lotta yarn. I’m in the process of inventorying it all into Ravelry (on top of what I already had inventoried) and actually knitting from it. (the very idea! I’m scandalized!!) ETA: Just finished putting it in – PHEW!

In my defense though, some of it was bought with the intention to do something good for my house. Exh. A: Lion Microspun, purchased for making Swiffer cloths (microfiber, yo!); instead of using the use-it-throw-it-away kind of Swiffer cloth, I can use and wash these and they’ll be less wasteful. Go go ecological knitting!
Lion Microspun

Exh. B: Cotton-Ease, some of which was acquired for Amigurumi(ding!) preparation, and some of which was acquired for knitting a BYOB from, a bag-saving grocery sack alternative, which I have cast on. Woot!

Cotton Ease

Other stuff was to bolster my sock yarn collection, which will eventually become socks.

Still other stuff was acquired in swaps or gifted, and so I didn’t actually pay any money for it.

Still OTHER stuff was bought with a specific project in mind, swatched, and then the project was never cast on, due to something or other happening and me deciding not to cast it on.
handpaintedyarn lace
Such as the Mystic Waters Knitalong, which I swatched but didn’t ever cast on. After the debacle of the Secret of the Stole (I had so much trouble with it it just made me crazy, but it was owing to my ineptitude, not the pattern – the pattern was GREAT! – I still have the yarn for it too, but I guess it’ll be something else.. eventually)

In knitted progress news, TMP II is finished and off the needles, ends woven in – Whooppee!! Now I need to get back to some lovely lovelies for me. In addition to TMP, I also made a scarf. In an evening. I needed a quick knitting project fix, so I knitted a Noro Striped Scarf, a la Brooklyn Tweed, a blogger who, if I ever met him, I would go COMPLETELY fangirl on him. He is way, way, way talented.
Silk Garden Chunky Noro Striped Scarf in progress 6.27.08
I knitted mine out of Silk Garden Chunky, though, and knitted it only 12 stitches, on a Sz 11 needle, instead of the recommended 39 stitches on whatever size was originally recommended. It turned out really nice, so I gave it to my mom, who I promised a scarf NOT made of Red Heart yarn some years ago, and never fulfilled. Although I’m regretting my decision a little bit, b/c that was one pretty scarf. Maybe I’ll be able to negotiate a loan sometime in the future. This is only a progress pic. My rechargeable batteries decided that it was Time To Die and Never Ever Recharge Again, so I don’t have a finished picture, sadly. I’ll ask the Mom to take a picture wearing it so you can have a size referent. It’s really quite fabulous. It wound up being well over 6 feet long, b/c I’m all about the wrapping of the scarfage and still having plenty of length, and I added a 5-6″ fringe on each end, which added some length, which wasn’t really needed, but did give a nice effect to the edges – they needed something.

In addition to this, I also started a new pair of socks:
Nanner Socks 7.4.08

Nanner Socks, a pattern by Wendy Johnson of WendyKnits, who is ALSO fabulous, and she wrote this pattern up just for the knitterly Plurking population. The pattern isn’t available anymore, but isn’t it fabulous? I LOVE this banana yellow Regia Silk that I found at The Woolie Ewe in Plano, and it FEELS SO GOOD in my hands. Needles are US 1-1/2 Crystal Palace DPNs (b/c I don’t have Sz 1-1/2 Circs… yet,and I was getting BULLETPROOF fabric at 12 st/in on sz 0s. Apparently Ms. Wendy is a looser knitter than me. Well, different strokes. That said, I went up a needle size or two and they’re MUCH better now. I’m knitting the medium size,and I’m already up to the heel flap, which I also decided to go off-pattern to do – it’s a heel flap knit just exactly as if it were on a top-down sock – heel flap, short row heel cup, pick up stitches then decrease for the gusset. This puts the double-thick fabric under the heel instead of behind it, which is where I need the reinforcement, and it makes the gussets look different, but in a good way. I find that this construction is more comfortable on my foot, so I’m a happy camper.

In any case, I’m breezing along pattern free at this point – the stitch pattern is pretty simple to remember (as long as you remember to knit a plain row between each lace row (I had a d’oh! moment when I realized that little tidbit! and then a ripping session. WEE!)

Anyway, I’m really enjoying it and I think my nanner socks are coming out fantastic – love the stitch detail in the solid yarn, love the laciness, love, love love… It’s a lovefest over here at chez knotty, but not in a weird way (unless loving a sock is weird…. don’t answer that. Just.. don’t. :-D)


3 Responses to “Wherein the knitter concedes that she has a leetle bit more yarn than she might originally have let on. (Caution: Pics ahead)”

  1. Teresa said

    I’m all about the sock love! I’ve been slowly working on a pair in a Regia Silk self-striping yarn. Love, love, love, love that yarn!!!
    Yours looks great!

  2. cici said

    so brave of you to put all your yarn out for us to see.:D

  3. Your stash could come live with my stash. Unlike you, I am not brave enough to flaunt my stash. Why is it that destashing and working from stash never seem to work as well as hoped for? Or maybe I’m just delusional. :P

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