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Happy Administrative Professionals Day!*

Posted by Miss Knotty on June 12, 2008

* Late!

As a token of appreciation, I got a $50 giftcard for Administrative Professionals Day, back in May, which was cool. I decided to hold onto it until the time came that I needed a little ‘me’ splurge. Today was that day. Sigh. Some days you’re the bus, some days you’re the speedbump. Anyway, it was my turn to get all upset last night (and today) and I decided after work that I was going to spend some time at my favorite local establishment, the bar bookstore. and I realized, after poring over many many crafty books that I was fixated on one genre of book, and even one subgenre: Genre: Crochet. Subgenre: Amigurumi. It helped that if you buy two books, you can get a great clear vinyl project bag tote bag for a mere $9.99. (Nevermind that I already have one), and that it comes with a cute little zippered pouch perfect for all the accoutrements that knitting and crocheting amigurumi (okay, okay. I just like typing it. I’ll admit it.) require…. Not that I’ve been skilling up my amigurumi skillz or anything. (Your Amigurumi Skill has increased to 3.)

“So, what books did you get?” I hear you all cry:

Amigurumi!: Super Happy Crochet Cute(I admit it, I just like typing that word) by Elisabeth A. Doherty and

Creepy Cute Crochet: Zombies Ninjas, Robots and More, by Christen Haden

Book stash 6.11.08

I cannot wait to have my own palm-sized Cthulu doll. and SO. PROSH.

Next there’ll be a knitted Dalek. And maybe a knitted Doctor. Maybe.

Anyway, so I’ve been watching some Dr. Who: Season 3 and enjoying it PROFUSELY, and looking at my amigurumi (ding!) books and just generally having a quiet night at home. Isn’t it nice to do that sometimes?! Now, granted, I needed to clean the kitchen and living room, and also needed to do some Guild work tonight, but sometimes you just need to unplug and enjoy the toy action. So I did. I took a mental breather into a new activity and opted out of the hard work brain mode for the evening, and I think I’m the better for it. Ahhh, slackerness! Besides, I have tomorrow and Friday to attack that task.


One Response to “Happy Administrative Professionals Day!*”

  1. Jennifer said

    LOL….work on increasing that skill….

    That bag looks familiar….. :D

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