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In which the author is unrepentantly naughty.

Posted by Miss Knotty on May 29, 2008

I made dinner tonight.  Don’t be shocked, but all the ingredients were fresh, prepared and cooked by yours truly.  Shut up, I totally did do it!  And then I ate it.  all.  Ooops.  I meant to save some for leftover lunch tomorrow, and I ate up every bit of it.  It’s not like it was a TREMENDOUS amount of food – I had those frozen boneless skinless thighs, right?  So I thawed out three of them ( I know, I know! but it gets yet worse!), thinking that I’ll cook some for dinner and have some for lunch the next day (Friday) – no problemo! Only problem, when I got home tonight, they had thawed all their nasty meatjuice all over the bottom of my refrigerator – say it with me:  ew ewewewewewewewwww!!!!

So I cleaned it up, and opted to cook the chicken post haste, after I cleaned the oven (ding! to-do task finished!) and put some towels in the washer (ding ding! to-do list the second!), so I did.  I got down on the floor, and scrubbed the everlovin’… you know what… out of the bottom of the oven and the racks, and that oven is so clean now, you could eat off it.  Please don’t, though.   Then I cored out a green bell pepper, gave it a good smack to get all the seeds out, and sliced it up.  I sauteed it in some oil on the stove, with some garlic, salt & pepper, a little onion, and some Italian Mrs. Dash (Is that like ‘Senora Dash-a’?).  – Tasty!  then I dipped each thigh in a milk bath, coated it in flour with some Italian Senora Dash-a, garlic, and salt & pepper and tossed that in the hot oil and let it sautee up.  I know, completely tasty!  The drawback:  Dirty dishes.  Lots of them.  blah.  Oh well, at least the dishwasher is empty, so I can put it all right in and get to gettin’, as Miss Neicy says.  Yeah, I’m a Clean House Fan (Completely check this show out – it’s HILARIOUS!! And I’ve never felt better about my housekeeping skills (some of the people on that show have PROBLEMS). I can actually feel my mom balk at that statement, and she doesn’t even read my blog.  Hee.  But, in my defense, I’ve quite improved at cleaning house now, with the power of The Book of Clean on my side, so my house really is nice and clean, and I’m not embarrassed to have company over anymore, which is kinda great!!! It does have a couple of cluttered spaces – my dining room table needs some attention and my little bar, but at least it’s not ALL OVER the place like it used to be, and those spaces are easily cleaned up too.   But I digress.  When the chicken was just almost done cooking, I tossed in some fresh basil to flavor the oil and chicken a little bit, just to see if it would work.  For the record?  It didn’t.  But it wasn’t a bad idea, right? right?  So anyway, there it sat, all delicious-looking, and I readily admit to having started eating the green peppers off the plate while the chicken was finishing, so of course I tasted the first piece of chicken to finish, to make sure my handiwork was not all for naught, and it was delicious, and wouldn’t you know it, I finished the whole thing while I was standing there waiting on the other pieces?!  I didn’t even realize it until it was all gone (sad face).   The other chicken finished up and I got it out and took my plate to sit and eat, and I started eating and just decimated the whole plate!  Cleaned it all!!!  I’m going to attribute my recent hunger to the fact that I got home and cleaned the oven (and that nasty space under the oven, under the storage under the oven (I pulled the drawer completely out and swept it all out – ew!! The people who cleaned this apartment before I moved in didn’t do a very thorough job, which is a bummer, but oh well.  At least the whole house wasn’t filthy and disgusting. :)

So anyway, here I am typing away when I still have stuff on my to-do list to do.   Off I go!!  Thighs cook down and get smaller when they cook, so I wasn’t entirely naughty, right?   And it’s not like I eat 3 chicken thighs every night.  … right? Right?!

Pictures will come forth soon, when I take them.  Problem is that I’ve just not been a good picture-taker of late and I’m not really one of those people who’ll take a picture of just anything.  You know?  Oh well, off I go.


One Response to “In which the author is unrepentantly naughty.”

  1. lise said

    I hate cleaning my oven – hate it… I would rather not use than clean it – but ofcoursethatisnotanoptioninthishouseofpigs…anyway – want to come and clean mine??????

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