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Knitting ennui and a soapbox item

Posted by Miss Knotty on May 27, 2008

My gosh. I know this is probably not the first time I’ve posted commentary on this subject (and probably not the first time on this particular Mystery Project.

That’s right, kids, I’m knitting something unbloggable (and seemingly INTERMINABLE). In the good news category, I’m more than 50% done with said mystery project, but, that said, I’m already bored to tears with it, sadly. So I’m working away on an unbloggable gift project that doesn’t want to end, and I’m having MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR Next Project Inspiration (as per usual, I suppose), and I want to work on … Oooh shiny! I want to work on …. Oooh shiny (something else), but still I slog on the Mystery Project…. shiny! I want to work on…

What needs to happen is that I need to rewire my thoughts so that instead of wanting to work on oooh shiny, I WANT to work on (and finish) Mystery Project and move on to the next OOH SHINY… Right now it’s tied between a number of ooh shiny’s:

One of the MYRIAD pair of fingerless mitts patterns I’ve recently found on Ravelry, or
another HedgeSkunk, or… socks, or a cute cardi or a pretty shell, or another toy, or an earth day tote, or reusable Swiffer cozies, or microfiber cleaning cloths, or…..

But on the Mystery Project goes. I suppose it helps that I’ve measured out what percentage done I am as I complete each piece, and knowing how much the recipient will love the gift goes a LONG way* to getting it finished in a timely fashion. Even so, though, I’m feeling the tug of my stash, and the gentle but inexorable pull of my sock yarn as I continue on. I have a whole slew of design ideas in my head, too (I haven’t written them down for fear that they might win and I’ll HAVE to knit them RIGHT THEN), and I keep wanting to pore through my magazines and pattern books and pick and pull and find my next big project (even though I know my next big project is a cabled aran afghan for me, once the yarn gets here – You hear me Webs and Northampton Yarns?! I’m WAITING FOR YOU!!) and… and….and…. ooooh shiny! I have started and finished a toe-up sock in sport weight yarn, and I’m on the toe of the second sock – it’s my waiting around project – I’ve had to do a surprising amount of waiting around of late – bleh, and the MP is too big at this point to easily carry around. (I promise to take pics of my pretty new sock soon – My rechargable batteries don’t seem to want to stay charged – boo.) It’s great for nightly knitting sit-down, though. Plus I’m watching a lot of great TV on DVD lately – I just finished the first Series of Dr. Who and I’m about to move on to the 2nd Series, and I’ve finished season 1 of Torchwood (a Dr. Who spinoff) again, and I’ve found some great shows on TV that I like to watch now, so I’ve been watching them, too. (Numbers, Bones, House (what is it with me and one-word-named shows?))

Anyway…. oooh, shiny!
*Soapbox item: Knitted Gift Giftees: Please, PLEASE, if you like them (the knitter or the item)use the things that knitters give you. Don’t save them for later, don’t worry about them getting messed up – use them, and Use them and USE THEM until they fall to bits. Truly. Knowing that an item is used and loved does more for a Knitter’s Soul than saving said knitted item ‘for later’. We’re all gone in the twinkling of an eye, and what if you never used the beautiful *insert knitted thing here* that Auntie or Uncle *insert beloved knitter here* knitted for you, because you wanted to save it for ‘that special day’ or whatever, and they never knew you liked it, because you never wore it? As a knitter, it’s demoralizing when a knitted gift is not used, at least from my point of view. I mean, I didn’t make it for it to sit in storage. For the record, I KNOW that I no longer have control of a knitted gift once I gift it. I realize that. But also for the record, a giftee does need to realize that a knitter didn’t spend a lot of time working on a hand-made gift for it to sit in a closet or box, or to end up in a garage sale (God forbid – shudder) – I personally am not knitting to insulate closets. End soapbox.


2 Responses to “Knitting ennui and a soapbox item”

  1. Jennifer said

    *Steps up once Knotty is off*

    I Second the motion. If you were gifted a pair of socks, I know for a FACT that they will love it when you ask the knitter to fix the hole you made in them because you wore them out. Now, being Texas, we are not saying that you have to wear a wool hat, scarf, and sweater in July, but wear it sometime when it’s weather appropriate. And if you don’t live near the knitter, send a picture with you wearing said item. It makes us happy.

    *Steps down to allow the next of a million knitters step up*

  2. Nicole said

    I’d step up, but both of you said it better.

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