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Further Validation, but not weird this time… or is it?

Posted by Miss Knotty on May 9, 2008

I had a meeting with The Restaurant Guys at my work today – One of my Projects that I work on is these 3 restaurants, which is fun, but I look at all the paper that goes behind running a restaurant and I have to go yeee – there’s A LOT!. As I have never participated/worked on a restaurant close before, this is all new material to me, which, you can imagine, when you’re put in a cubicle with a mountain of paper and feel like it’s just you and the paper, and you don’t even know what most of the paper is talking about and what it links to… It’s rather like a 3-d jigsaw puzzle with pieces that change shape – you can imagine how challenging that can be. I like the challenge, but at first it was a bit demoralizing to get all these moving parts to make a working machine, but I FINALLY DID IT! and I had the afore-mentioned meeting with The Restaurant Guys and it was good and we talked frankly about what peoples (read: my) roles are with regard to them and getting the Restaurant Paperwork done, and it was all smiles and happy thoughts. I felt validated by this, particularly since they both took the time to tell me I’ve been doing a Great Job, despite my beginner-ness and that they understand that I’m doing the best I can despite my not knowing a lot about what I’m doing. So that’s kinda nice – made me feel less like an idiot and more like a team-member, which is nice. That said, I had to throw down with some people in another department this morning about their incessant chitchat in the cubicle area and how disruptive it is – they have been less chatty, which is mucho nice-o.

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled internet surfing.


One Response to “Further Validation, but not weird this time… or is it?”

  1. Liz G. said

    think you could have this same throwdown with a certain member of a certain monthly meeting? ;)

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