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Weirdly validating

Posted by Miss Knotty on May 8, 2008

Okay, this is completely nerdly, but I’m having SERIOUS DORK PRIDE here, b/c I fixed my computer. I spend a lot of my days working on other people’s end-user troubles – which is cool. I enjoy helping people in that way. When i have end-user problems, though? Look out. I ask. Every. Time. And I forget that the SAME resources I use regularly to solve other people’s problems are available for fixing my own. So I hit the forums and checked stuff out, and got the problem fixed, all on my own! Then, I used the Windows Help and Support Center to make my printer be friends again, which worked! So now I have a printer AND I’m not getting a PSAPI.DLL error when I start up, which was related to IE7, which I didn’t even know I HAD! and now it’s gone and I fixed it with the forums all by myself! My dad and brother gave me some printer help too – Thank you!

I’m so proud of myself right now, which is so COMPLETELY nerdly, but I’m still feeling the smart-love. I’m smart. Love me? (see?)

Anyway, I’m still kinda validated by this activity – going out, finding the solution to my problem, and then solving it, despite the fact that my ‘problem’ was solvable by a few keystrokes and was thus not really a ‘problem’ per se, in the grand scheme of things. Even so, I still think I’m cool right now, because I didn’t call Geeks on Call or anything to fix it. I think I’m kinda neat, and it doesn’t even have anything to do with being smart, or funny, or crafty, or anything – I can fix computers, in some ways. Go me!

Yeah, it’s nerdly. But that’s okay. We all have facets of nerdliness, and that’s okay. Facets of nerdliness can be charming. Particularly if one is attractive to begin with. Yeah, I’m shallow. What of it?


One Response to “Weirdly validating”

  1. lise said

    I am veryyyy proud of you…

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