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Well, it COULDA worked out that way!

Posted by Miss Knotty on May 6, 2008

If I had dollhouse furniture!

Here’s what my idea was for my apartment floor plan for furniture in the New Chez Knotty:
new floorplan w furn
Here’s a closer (and hopefully something more approaching scale) approximation of how it actually turned out:
new floorplan actual layout
I say hopefully something more approaching scale because I used the windows and closets as referents and, with the furniture in place now, it’s easier to see where in the room it is, in relation to the windows, which is cool. In other exciting news, I have 1 box to unpack left, and 2 boxes to break down, and I’ll be done unpacking! I’ll be on to the cleaning portion of my adventure – I have some stuff that doesn’t have a home at present, and I have a little Goodwill pile (which is nothing to my big Goodwill pile of a couple weeks ago) and oodles of trash (packing paper and the like). In the Triumphant! column, the items I was missing (of which there were 3 of Major Import (but only to me), they have now ALL turned back up! Joy! Joy! Joy! So now all I have left is to look at the bed issue (my headboard piece got broken and it needs to be decided whether it’s reparable or whether it’s time for it to go to that bedplace in the sky. Dad’s the deciding vote there.)

In other news, stuff is good! My DSL works, although why it and the printer don’t want to get along is frankly BEYOND me, but I can deal for a while…. but I’ll get this figured out and Mr. Printer will be friends with Mr. Compy again. Well, hopefully.

I’ll post pictures of the actual apartment with actual furniture probably this weekend, as I want to give it a good solid vacuuming before I shoot any pics. They put in new carpet the day before I moved in, so there’s little carpety bits everywhere, and obvy moving boxes aren’t exactly the cleanest, are they now? So I’ll be attacking that this Saturday (Saturday! Saturday!) Whooppee! (/sarcasm) I still have desk stuff to stuff in desk drawers, but it’s pretty ancillary stuff, and I still have 2 boxes to break down, so I can’t say that ALL vestiges of moving-inness have gone, and I have a huge stack of boxes on my patio – anybody need some boxes? I got good ones from Uhaul, will probably hold up for 1-2 more moves!

I hope I’ll start seeing some people again now that the moving part of my adventure is over for a while. I’m going to be working hard on conserving gasoline now the prices have gone so high and are still climbing, so I’ll be limiting my driving activities somewhat, but I’ll still be out and about some. In exciting news, I’m close to a library (or a lieberry as some people call them), so I can pick up the fun summer reading for fun summer free, instead of buying it at the bookstore, which is the cool, although I must say I have some novels saved up for cotton candy reading this summer. More to come on that.

Best to everyone,

Miss K.


One Response to “Well, it COULDA worked out that way!”

  1. Ronda said

    Yea for being nearly unpacked! We used to move almost every year… but we have been in our house for 6 years now and I’m sure you can imagine the crap that need to be cleaned out of this place. it’s amazing how much stuff we collect that we don’t use. You have inspired me to start gathering up stuff to take to the Salvation Army or Goodwill or someplace besides my house!

    BTW, did vacuuming your mattress help your allergies?

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