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Domestic Goddess, I ain’t: Wherein the author learns an important lesson about regular cleaning and repents her slovenly ways.

Posted by Miss Knotty on April 12, 2008

Wherein the author learns an important lesson about regular cleaning and repents her slovenly ways, but not in that order.

Yes, you read it right, folks. I cleaned. and cleaned. and cleaned. The outcome? A clean bathtub, commode, bathroom sink, spot treated bedroom carpet, and vacuumed mattress. I have pictures, but I didn’t dry out my bathtub after rinsing it the last time, and it looks like I’ve just taken a picture of a bathtub after a bath, which is weird. So I’m going to skip that one. I also (finally) cleaned up all the paint spatters from when the painters came and painted the bathroom ceiling (in a different color from the walls), after the Great Bathroom Flood of ’08 (wherein the upstairs neighbor’s toilet raneth over and down through the floor (and a/c vent, yummy) and into my bathroom, in great streams of (fortunately clean) toilet water. The scoury side of a Scotch Brite sponge will take paint spatters off of the side of a fiberglass bathtub, did you know that? Painters: May I suggest a drop cloth? Seriously?)

‘But Miss Knotty!’ I hear you cry. ‘You’re a slooooobbb.’

Correction. I was a slob. I’ve turned over a new leaf. Fortunately for my apartment (and my meticulous roommate), it was the leaf of this book, highly recommended by my friend and sister Rockstar, Jennifer B. over at YaRN KNiTa.

the book of clean

She bought the book and talked about cleaning her place, and really sang the book to the heavens, so I got inspired, got the book, and followed suit. Yes, I’m a follower sometimes, but in this case, it is, as the very imitable (and mockable; Exhibit 1: SNL, Exhibit 2: Mad TV) Ms. Stewart says, ‘a good thing.’

I’m going to spare you the ‘before’ pictures. Because I forgot to take any. I did take a couple of ‘before’ pictures, though, for your reference, and to give testimony of my conversion to the [Target generic version of the] Magic Eraser Sponge. Oh. My. Clean. People. I had some bad scuff marks on the wall from where my black floor lamp had a run-in and scraping experience along the wall and I took the Eraser to it.

Exhibit the First:

The offending mark(s):

scuffed wall 4.12.08

Eraser magic (damp)

wet scuffless wall 4.12.08

With lamp back in place:
Scuffless wall

Exhibit the second:

A scuff where my (purple) CPU hit the wall. Sorry for the poor quality here – my cam is very arbitrary about flash usage and I was zoomed, so it’s not a good pic, but you can see the dark scuff spots.

terrible picture of computer scuff 4.12.08

Post erasing:

computer wall wet

Dry, and the scuff is GONE!.

dry scuffless compy wall

How much do I love this sponge? It has saved my deposit. You can imagine the Eraser love I’m feeling right now.

In other news: has anyone ever vacuumed their mattress? I did. I took out the brushy-upholstery brush thingy and vacuumed where the mattress stitching was (not that kind of mattress stitching) and cleaned out the lint and dust (I know, EW. Lint and dust in my BED). But, according to The Book of Clean, as I’ve come to call it, it gets in there, and it can play havoc with the ole sinuses. Well, that’s about the last thing I need when the trees are already blooming and giving me the stuffy-stuffy, so I took the mattress pad off and vacuumed the mattress. I’ll let you know if my allergies improve as a result of this action. I also spot-treated the cat’s ‘uh-oh’ spots on the carpet (mostly from her getting upset tummy or that time of the year (when they shed. Infer at will.)) and they’re drying now. I’ll vacuum over them when they fully dry.

My chief complaint at this moment is from my gloves – I think I’m going to have to go get a latex-free variety – my hands are feeling very dry and hurty from wearing them – yeah, it’s supposedly a ‘foam lined’ latex, but I’m still feeling my hands saying ‘oh no no no, Miss K, you don’t like the latex. Oh no you do not.’ Fortunately for me, they had latex-free sensitive skin gloves at the store, so back I will go (or maybe I’ll wait until I’m at the store and think of it, or make a list after the next time I clean (aka next week). Can I tell you how great the cleaning calendar is? Can I just sing its praises? I’m going to probably go make some copies and turn it into a little checklist or something so I can tick off the chores as they happen, and have a wonderfully clean home. So yeah, I’m feeling the cleaning love. I still have much packing to do. I got more boxes, woot, and so I’ll be packing away this evening. I still have a 5-box quota to meet tonight, so I’d better get to it!

Oh, by the by, the Important Lesson I learned about regular cleaning is that if you do all this cleaning on a regular basis, instead of once in a while in a giant fell swoop, the back, she does not hurt so much at the end. I’m going to take a Doan’s and watch a movie (after I pack 5 boxes. Seriously.)

Oh! One more thing:

I was gifted this lovely skein of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino (Colorway is Fall Foliage) by the lovely Blogless Libby, for watching her kitty babies over Easter – don’t you just LOVE those colors? I sure do! Thank you Libby! I see socks in my future!

CTH Supersock 4.12.08

Have a great Saturday night!


One Response to “Domestic Goddess, I ain’t: Wherein the author learns an important lesson about regular cleaning and repents her slovenly ways.”

  1. […] Hee.  But, in my defense, I’ve quite improved at cleaning house now, with the power of The Book of Clean on my side, so my house really is nice and clean, and I’m not embarrassed to have company […]

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