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Found an apartment!!!!

Posted by Miss Knotty on March 28, 2008

We have a winner, ladies and gents! The floorplan looks like this.

It has a fireplace, which is maybe not so great, but the cool part? There’s no hearth – it’s flush to the wall with a little tile in front of it – meaning? I can hang a tapestry over it – fireplace gone. Whoosh. I can put my TV in front of it. Fireplace? What Fireplace? Oh that. I totally forgot that was even back there. Heh! In the immortal words of Cute Overload (from today): Badda-BING! So yeah. I’m Jazzed. I can’t decide where I’m going to put furniture, though. I’m thinking about this:
Floorplan with furniture 1

But I don’t know. Maybe I’ll go another route. Thoughts? Comments? Snarky remarks about my ‘artwork’? What can I say? MS Paint and I maybe don’t get along so well. What’s sad is that I really thought this was the better way to show you how I’m going to decorate. Tragic, isn’t it?

Anyway, throw some thoughts my way. I mean, I have over 960 sq ft to play with here – there’s probably a better way to organize all this.

Anyway, I’m thrilled to pieces. I’m going to go knit something decorative for a while. Or maybe a sock.


3 Responses to “Found an apartment!!!!”

  1. Vicky said

    If you line that fireplace with something, you can always use it for storage, right?
    Looks like a well laid out place. I know you’re happy!

  2. Eunice said

    The group of candles is always nice in a fireplace. Looks like you have loads of storage. I think you found the perfect place for you. Enjoy!!

  3. Jennifer said

    Okay, I want that apartment. Seriously….

    So if I get this new job, I will be moving and their is one of these complexes right next to my work. Would you get anything for “recommending” me? Just a thought….

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