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Can’t find an apartment. Looking, not finding.

Posted by Miss Knotty on March 27, 2008

Hi there. I’m hunting apartments. Oh. Goody. I found a really great one, but they gave it away (It had shelves instead of a fireplace. Like the only apartment I’ve seen so far that even had that option. For the record, who the HECK! uses a fireplace anyway? I mean, seriously. The 3 days a year when it’s cold enough to warrant a fire, I’m AT WORK. And Truly? Having a fireplace means having one more thing to clean up, higher risk that something might pop out of it and set your carpet on fire, destroying your apartment and possibly hurting you or your pet — It’s just a bad deal, that’s all. A bad deal. And they gave it away to someone else. Bastards. I wanted that apartment, and they gave it away. Snarl. Worse yet, I can’t find anyplace that doesn’t have a fireplace around. What is UP with that? Don’t they realize what a PITA a fireplace is? Well. One of the other properties I’ve looked at doesn’t have fireplaces. Out of the MYRIAD I’ve looked at, ONE other property lacks a fireplace. Sigh.

I have a short list now, though – 9 properties to check out. NINE! Jeesh. I’m going to do some night recon (read: driving through the apt complex at night) to see if there are any crazies about, or if it’s somewhere I think I’d feel safe living. My money’s on ‘probably not’, but I’m going to drive it anyway.

I did find a couple of 1/1 with dens that are kinda groovy – I like the idea of a den/study area – *coughcoughyarnstudiocoughcough* rather than putting my computer out in the living room, where it usually lives, I could put it in a study or den and not have to constantly stare at it. That said, I do spend an inordinate amount of time on the computer, so maybe tucked back into the yarn studi– uh, den, is a bad idea. Will have to cogitate further on this. Still, though. I have a ‘short list’ of properties I’m going to look through and maybe we’ll come up with a winner. (Maybe)

(yarn studio)

(edited to add:  I just scrolled down through my waffle post – now I want waffles. Sigh.)


One Response to “Can’t find an apartment. Looking, not finding.”

  1. jenny said

    I have and love my fireplace! Then again, I’m thin skinned so anything below 50 degrees is reason enough for me to fire it up.

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