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I just don’t see it as a ‘problem’.

Posted by Miss Knotty on March 17, 2008

Really! It’s more like an opportunity. In 5 big boxes and a bin:

Stash out of hand

It’s my stash. Normally I wouldn’t throw it all up here for you to see, but I feel a need to really put it out there that I have a Shissel (sp?) of yarn in my house. Thats five (five!) underbed boxes stuffed full of yarn, an Elizabeth Arden Bag, and that bin there – the one in the chair? Behind the Wheel? That’s wheel food, m’friends. It’s spinning fiber.

I have stupid amounts of yarn here, and, rather than knitting from stash, as a girl ought, I just go out and buy a new ball (or two…), and start a new project, from scratch. And don’t forget the needles for a need like this, and other doodads. Oh yeah. I’ve got a ton of those too.


Now, I realize that my stash isn’t nearly as epic as other people on the web, but I will throw this out there, in the interest of full some disclosure

I could skip buying yarn and still have enough yarn for

24 pair of socks.

5 mohair scarves or shawls (I loves mohair)

at least 2 alpaca scarves/shawlettes

at least 2 sweaters (and maybe more if I used up all my scraps from other things

I don’t know how many dishcloths

probably 5 hats,

at least 4 epic lace shawls (shawls that would take me longer than 6 months to knit)

This is not a scientific estimate.

I also have enough rovings to spin for a good several months, without buying any more.

I loves yarn.

Is that so wrong?

I just need to get on zee ball (no pun intended, I ASSURE you) and knit from stash. Shop the stash, knit the stash, UUUUSE THE STASH.  In the good news category, a certain yarn eating, fabric destroying, hateful little she-beast of a cat is no longer in my employ. I put it out there.  I said, if I come home to find one more thing destroyed for no clear reason except that I live with a she beast, I’m getting rid of her. And I did come home to find one more thing destroyed – my 2nd Motorcycle Chica Glove.  And so she has gone to a new home – hopefully one where they will love and understand her, for all of her horribility. It is so a word. I’ve just made it up, and I’m backing it up with this gun, which was lent from the national rifle association.

I’m going to knit the Burridge Lake Afghan to celebrate..  I get to have afghans again! WEEE!!!


Excuse me while I do the happy dance!  I may be a bad cat mommy, getting rid of her and being so gleeful about it, but in my defense, I did put up with it for 5 years out of guilt that I would want to get rid of her.  Well, no more guilt! She’s gone, and I’m happy about it!


One Response to “I just don’t see it as a ‘problem’.”

  1. Manda said

    Only 24 pairs of socks? that’s cute! ;)

    I’m sad that your cat is gone, but I’m a cat mommy without a cat. lol. If you’re happy, though, that’s all that matters… have fun knitting that afghan! :)

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