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And tomorrow, I’m makin’ WAFFLES! (in which the author actually made waffles today)

Posted by Miss Knotty on March 15, 2008

I like love waffles. I often sojourn to the Awful Waffle when I’m feeling the waffle need. Now I can make my own! “But how, Miss Knotty?!” I hear you cry. “You don’t cook.” And you are correct, my friends; as a rule, I don’t cook. But you see, waffles are a special circumstance. They are manna from heaven. Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy: He invented the guy who invented the waffle maker. Love. So I made waffles:
Waffle Closeup
What are those structures on my waffle? They’re roses!
See, my iron has a rose bouquet on one side:
Rosy Waffler
So I whipped up some Doctored Bisquick Waffle Batter (I add vanilla and cinnamon to the batter. Delish) and cooked ’em up. I do have to state for the record that the yield, as you can imagine, was substantially smaller than the stated yield – the iron gives a roughly 6.7in diameter, belgian waffles and the stated yield was 12-4″ waffles – I got 3 and most of 1 more, and it turns out that I overfilled the iron and lost some batter. A novice mistake, sure, but it happens, no sweat. They did come out just swell though, and taste fantastic. I already enjoyed one, and the most-of-a-waffle that I cooked last. They’re so pretty though.

I also got new software: Dreamweaver 8 and paint.Net (a free download) to play with. Maybe someday I’ll start actually having a custom webpage with prettiness and fun times! Or maybe I’ll just learn something handy to know and be edified and entertained.

Currently listening to Movin 107.5. I love Aaliyah. She was so cool.

In other knitting news: The Mystery Project is complete – It’ll be gifted and I’ll put up pics and specs.

In other other knitting news, I’ve resumed work on the entrelac fabric string scarf. Scarf unearthed

In still more other knitting news, I bought yarn today. When does the madness end??! (I’m thinking probably soon. That said, I needed Kureyon for the bagknitting purposes, and I’ve now got enough – woot! Woot, I say! )

I’m going to watch some Torchwood and crack out the knitting. WEE!!!


One Response to “And tomorrow, I’m makin’ WAFFLES! (in which the author actually made waffles today)”

  1. Elizabeth said

    I totally heart your waffle maker!!!

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