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At what point is Rock Classic?

Posted by Miss Knotty on March 14, 2008

First, some Yarn Pr0n to detract you from the notably non-knitting subject matter of today’s post:
Noro Kureyon acquired at the yarn sale:
Kureyon close up
Misti Alpaca Lace not acquired at the yarn sale, but in the same weekend:
Misti Alpaca Laceweight 3.8.08

Oh yeah, I’m bad, but it’s good. :-D

So, on to other matters. I was listening to The Bone (93.3 FM for non-Dallasites), and what should come on, but Pearl Jam. I can’t recall the name of the song, but it’s the one with the beautiful electric guitar riff, a slow song, and Vedder’s Voice.  MmMM So sessy.

So anyway, it comes on, and maybe it’s me, but Pearl Jam hit it big in the early 90s- 92 to 95-96 was a huge time for them, you know, the grunge ‘movement’, Cobain, all that stuff, that was their time.  I was 12ish. And now it’s Classic ROCK?!  15 years and it’s classic freaking rock?  My cube neighbor says that that’s about right for them to be classic rock, but it just alarms me a bit that it’s classic rock.  Because now I’m officially Old. Songs that were hot when I was in junior high/high school are classic rock/jams.  But it kind of follows, because a lot of stuff I hear on the radio that’s a recent release (except for Justin Timberlake. Love.) irritates me, and I love listening to so-called ‘retro’ songs from the 90s. WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?  WHEN DID SONGS THAT WERE GREAT WHEN I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL BECOME RETRO AND CLASSIC ROCK?!!!  It’s probably worse that I’m alarmed about this than the reality of getting older. I really only need to worry if they ever hit the Oldies Station.  ‘Here’s another golden oldie from 1991, Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby.’  (Head. Exploding. Brains…. leaking out of ear…. Collapse in a heap.)

 For the record, because I know you care, here’s my fave radio lineup

770 AM – Legend 77, where the legends live (songs from WWII and just after)

98.7 FM – KLUV – Oldies from the 50s, 60s, and (recently added), the 70s

100.3 FM – JACK FM – Playing what they want – This channel runs the gamut from hard rock to classic, to punk, to ‘slow jams’ to whatever they feel like playing. Really.  But I still love it – it’s so random.

102.1 FM – KDGE – The Edge – Adult Alternative & Rock – mostly new stuff of the Rock/Alternative variety – NOT easy listening.

102.9 FM – KDMX – The Mix – Adult Alternative and R&B – a mix of music from the 80s, 90s and today – usually a pretty good mix, a lot of commercials. (it’s a clear channel station; infer at will) This is where they play ‘retro’ from the 90s.  I remember when ‘retro’ was music from the 80s. (oh god, I’m sounding codgerly).

107.5 FM – Movin’ 107.5 – Songs from Today and Back in Your School Days (whatever that means).  It’s recent and older jams & R&B from the 90s forward.  I think I heard some 80s in there too (I want to love you [PYT] Pretty Young Thing).

The Hoodlum says that it’s not a classic until it’s more than 25 years old, it’s not an antique until it’s more than 50 years old. So there.  Buahaha.

 Thoughts?  I welcome commentary on this topic. Is early 90s classic rock?


4 Responses to “At what point is Rock Classic?”

  1. Jennifer said

    God, when did we become old?!? I have seen crap like that on VH1 and whatnot. Same thing…..why are they “oldies” or “classics”?

  2. cat said

    In my experience, about 15 years seems right. Sometimes less!

  3. Patti said

    You think you feel old … my junior high and high school music is Classic on the verg of being antique!! mmmmm Barracuda!! LOL

  4. Ronda said

    Okay, at the risk of giving away my age (Ha!) i was in high school in the mid to late 80’s… and I recently heard on the news that one of the “oldies” stations had added 80s music to their line up… I was shocked, then I thought about it….
    When I was a kid, “olides Music” was from teh 50’s and early 60’s, it was the music my parents listened to when they were in school… Now, If I’d of started early (like 18-20) having kids (instead of late, like I did) I’d have kids in high school now…
    So it does sort of make since that “my music” would be oldies now… But music from the 90’s? That is going a bit far…
    Or maybe I’m just older than I think.

    Man, 40 is so close….

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