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Heh heh…

Posted by Miss Knotty on March 12, 2008

Remember this?

“…have strong wishes revolving around a Buttonhole Bag, or maybe a Booga Bag, out of something with fabulous colors. Or maybe something stashed. Because I gots me some stash to burn through before I go thinking about acquiring more. (but I still think about it.. Oh yes I do.)”

It was in the last post before the picture. Like, the post from LAST WEEK. Well, I did more than think about it this weekend.. Seriously.

I went to the PassionKnit 50% off sale. And apparently forgot that hey, I have a stash and need to knit some from it, and not to spend money because I’m moving in May.

Yeah. Baby girl Cleaned UP! In the good news category, I got DOUBLE the amount of yarn I would have gotten for my normal dollar at PassionKnit (50% off after all). In the maybe-not-so-good-news category, I bought more than I would have bought if it hadn’t been 50% off. In the good news category, I didn’t completely blow my budget. In the maybe-not-so-good-news category, I spent my entire yarn allowance for the next couple of months. To add insult to injury, I also went to The Shabby Sheep on Sunday and bought 4 balls of Misti Alpaca Lace baby Alpaca for my Gypsy Shawl (Cyndi McCorsely, Knit & Style April 2008), coming this summer for the actual interesting knitblogging purposes (Hey! I can be interesting! Stop laughing, I can too!), but my total there was mercifully less.

In the good news category, I did some great stash enhancement (that can also be in the maybe-not-so-good-news category):

3 Balls of Noro Silk Garden chunky

2 Balls of Noro Kureyon (I’m going to find a third and do the long-desired felted bag)

2 balls of Mirasol Hacho For strategic sock purposes

2 balls of Shibuiknits Sock For other strategic sock purposes

3 balls of Classic Elite Alpaca Sox (I’m going to do a shawl) Don’t know what shawl yet, but I have a plan.

A Candace Eisner-Strick Merging Colors Scarf kit (I’m going to do the CES scarf from the Summer 2007 Interweave Knits.  Beeeaaauuutttiiifffuuulll!
2 artfelt kits (to make FABULOUS BAGS!) … or something. I couldn’t decide which color I liked better, so I bought both.  But they were BOGO, right?

In the ‘I need to stop spending money on yarn and focus on something meaningful and important’ category, I’ve had 2 pairs of shoes break. In 2 days. Seriously. Girlfriend needs some new work shoes.  Guess who hates shopping for shoes?  Like, hates it?  You guessed! Very clever.   In any case, Amber at work has a cavalcade of absolutely darling flats that I have the strong love for, so I’m going to go stock up. Whooppiiieee.

I know, I’m not into shoes, not into clothes, not into ‘bling’ (except beads in knitting. I love that), not into fancy cars, or fancy addresses…. Am I even a girl?  I am a girl.  I am a girly girl. In my way.  I’m just not terribly materialistic, unless you count my yarn and knitting accoutrements.

I’m off to the salt mines.  See you lot later! :)


2 Responses to “Heh heh…”

  1. Jennifer said

    See, this is why we get along. Sucks that you have to go shoe shopping….okay, not only shoe shopping, but WORK shoe shopping. That’s the worst!

  2. Amber (from work) said

    In an effort to encourage cute shoe-dom to those everywhere, I have decided to divulge my most favorite places to buy shoes. That’s right. And this list has been culminated from absolutely fantastic shoe shopping excursions – insert picture of me literally drooling over a pair of fire engine red flats for $20 – and the not so fabulous shopping exceusions – insert picture of me tottering around in stipper shoes and then quickly falling into a rack of high heeled Converse.

    Please note that I have included places where you will have to decide between groceries for the week and a pair of to die for Kenneth Cole kitten heel boots, and places where the shoes are so cheap you feel like buying everyone in the store a pair of shoes, but quickly decide not to because, Hello!, you would rather have thirty new pairs of shoes all to yourself – evil hoochie!

    1. The shoe department at Nordstrom – a.k.a. Heaven
    2. The shoe department at Nordstrom Rack – a.k.a. Heaven on a budget
    3. Ross – please note that you will have to dig, but you will usually come up with a treasure
    3. TJ Maxx – right now they have some to die for flats for about $20. It just doesn’t get any better!
    4. Shoe Pavilion – This is usually hit or miss
    5. Payless – Don’t judge ladies, I have scored a ridiculously cute pair of boots for $3. That’s right. THREE. DOLLARS.
    6. Charlette Ruse – Their clothes may only be cute on size 0 girls who don’t mind wearing bright yellow belts with red plaid and leggings, but their shoes are fantastic in a patent leather mary jane high heel way – I am so not kidding
    7. Journeys – You may have to have a couple of shots of tequila in order to stomache the teenaage yuck all around you in this store, but they have the latest and greatest in cute Converse and Vans.
    8. Famous Footwear – I will admit that this is a store I only patron when I have some time to kill, but never turn up your nose at an opportunity to find great shoes.
    9. DSW – With my hand in the Girl Scout’s Honor formation, I swear on a stack of Thin Mints that I only shop the sale racks in the back. In Chocolate’s name I pray. Amen.
    10. Target – See Spot Shop…for some fabulous shoes!! Never ever ever turn up your nose or blasphem Target in my presence. We have a special relationship and talking bad about Target is like talking bad about my husband – only I can’t buy shoes from Dustin.

    There you have it. My top ten list of where to buy cute shoes in Dallas. For those of you that may live elsewhere, make me this on promise. If you live anywhere near a Shoe Carnival, load up the car and head out to one. And remember ladies, never ever forget all the hard work and determination that has been done my women in the past to protect A Woman’s Right to Shoes!

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