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In which the author has very little of note to say:

Posted by Miss Knotty on March 3, 2008

Wow, so a lot of things are new lately. New yarn:
prisma 2.09
Prisma, by Zitron. Mohair/Polyester blend, gorgeous, soft and lofty. 2 balls, 164 yd/ball. Need to find a pattern for this. Hrmmm.

New project desires:
(Endpaper Mitts in fabulous Claudia Handpaints, The Shabby Sheep colourway)

Marble Cardigan (finally) in Kertzer James Brett Marble (SRK 81)

I loves me some entrelac. I finished two of these beauties this weekend.
coasters prefelt 3.2.08
Oh. Don’t know what they are? Check it:
Logo Coaster

They’re destined to be felted coasters of the company logo. I’ve done 2 already, and Mrs. Fireman at work saw one and thought it was groovy, so I’m making her one, and one for Development Guy, cuz he thought it was cool too. I’m such the cheerleader. Still, any reason to knit, and almost any reason to felt… I’m getting very enamored of that method. I’m going to have to do a bag here soon. I have strong wishes revolving around a Buttonhole Bag, or maybe a Booga Bag, out of something with fabulous colors. Or maybe something stashed. Because I gots me some stash to burn through before I go thinking about acquiring more. (but I still think about it.. Oh yes I do.)

New great toy – my Spindolyn.
Spindolyn 1
I don’t know what to name it yet, other than ‘the Spindolyn’, but it seems pleased with that name, so I’ll probably stick to that naming structure: My Spinsanity Spindle, my Spindolyn, the Loandrum, it works. People know what I’m talking about (well, people in the know, anyway), and communication has occurred, so no problem, to my mind. No new spun yarn to show, but I am making gamely progress on the momsocks:
Mom's Sock 2.26.08

I added about another inch in pattern (multiple of 4: knit 3, purl 1, offset the purl by 1 stitch each row, makes it rotate around), then some 2 x 2 ribbing and bound off. Yarn is Jojoland Harmony on Crystal Palace Sz 1s. I forget the color name, but it reminds me of grapes. Purple grapes, green grapes, and all the pretty little permutations in between.

It looks great and feels nice too. I’ve cast on the second, but haven’t worked on it since Friday night when I cast it on. I was knitting coasters. It’s a sickness. This is the danger of knitting many projects at once; slower finishing, more down-to-the-wire concerns due to split attention. But it’s okay. I’m getting to finishing zone with many projects at once, and soon I’ll be down to a couple pairs of socks and my big ole entrelac scarf that’s been languishing in the purgatory of my stash closet because of my knitting ADD. But I remember it. It keeps looking at me all sad when I go in, saying ‘finish me. I’ll be so much fun to wear come winter. You know you want to. And I’ll be the hit of the party. A cloth, knitted, entrelac scarf. I’ll be so so fabulous. People will stop you on the street to look at me.’. and I say, I know, scarf, I know, and your turn will come sooner than you think. Because you don’t think. I do. And it’s looking forlorn on my Ravelry page, asking me to buckle down and finish before I start getting grand sweater ideas (and mitten ideas, and sock ideas….. You get the drift. But its turn is coming, while I’m cogitating hair schmatta lace patterns and sock patterns to play up the beauty of some of my sock yarns, and spinning projects, and… and… and… and.. Ooh, shiny!

Still though, things are cool. I’m gonna go collapse in a heap. G’night!


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