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How to follow a Debb*e Bl*ss Pattern

Posted by Miss Knotty on February 11, 2008

Read directions all the way through.

Search Ravelry for others who have completed pattern, read all comments, incl. frogged comments.

Locate rest of finishing instructions on Internet, since pattern ASSUMES that all knitters are also expert seamstresses. Note: Not all knitters are sewers. In point of fact, some knitters (and I’m not naming names… other than my own) CHOOSE knitting over sewing, since they can’t sew a straight line to save their lives.

Curse patternwriter, seek out strong drink; complain to knitter-friends about what a PITA* this is.

Find substitute yarn since patternwriter is WAAAAY too proud of her yarns

Knit gauge swatch, recalculate whole pattern to match preferred gauge

Knit knitted parts of pattern all in separate pieces because SOMEONE is a little fond of seaming (note: this is PROBABLY not the knitter) OR: refigure pattern to knit seamlessly (guess which one I picked?!)

Learn, once again, how to mattress stitch, since knitter cannot remember to save her soul. I MIGHT have sought out help at my LYS for this part. Help MIGHT HAVE (read: was) been given. Thanks Natasha! :)

Wait 4-5 months to buy fabric for sewed parts of bag; curse patternwriter

Wait 4-5 weeks to sew fabric for sewed parts of bag; curse patternwriter

Sew fabric for sewed parts of bag, mess up, rip out wrong seams, re-sew; curse patternwriter

Pin fabric into knitted part – marvel at how nice it looks to this point.

Get on WOW and play instead.
Here’s a picture anyway, but it’s not done yet. I still have to sew the sewn stuff into the knitted stuff. Ooooh goody.

Hi there, My little Hoodlum! :)

Here’s a teaser pic.Teaser Pic

I can’t show you more, b/c the giftee might read my blog here, but I’ll show a pic once it’s gifted (which will be late March. Sorry folks. I’m a tease. But it’s okay b/c I’m cute.

*PITA – Pain in the… you get the point


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