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Failed Plans and goals (Weekend Edition)

Posted by Miss Knotty on February 10, 2008

Was planning to:

Sew up the Mystery Project utilizing mad sewing machine skillz FAILED – didn’t even get the machine out of the closet)

Turn the heels on Mom’s Jojoland socks FAILED – wrecked both socks and had rip all the way back out. Have re-started sock 1 the good old way, 1 at a time, on DPNs. Yarn is looking a little fuzzed but not in a ‘I have to cut large lengths off now’ way).

Clean and vacuum room, clean out box, prep goodwill bag, throw away a buncha mess from my desk – SUCCESSFUL (except I replaced a buncha crap from my desk with a buncha more crap, but, I’m still counting it a success, because it’s not the SAME buncha crap as before – buahahaha – Yeah, it’s thin, but it’s all I got))

Hit the PassionKnit moving sale and get the rainbow mohair I’ve been longingly gazing at for months but just couldn’t justify (Until it qualified for a 30% discount – then I HAD to buy it, you see, because it might not be there afterward.) – SUCCESS

Hang out with Miss Allane – AKA Madame Fabulosa! – SUCCESSFUL

Find cool, inexpensive little hole-in-the-wall place to eat many meals – SUCCESSFUL ( Nikki’s in Dallas, at Coit & Campbell)

Sleep in – FAILED – Maybe next weekend. Not too bad, really, since I was struck down with plague the last 3 days of last week and thus was sleeping a lot until the good drugz took effect.

Went to bed at a decent hour on Sunday night so as to rise on time on Monday morning – PENDING.

A Yarn Pr0n shot:
prisma 2.09 prisma halo


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