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In which the author is going to live, but may not like it a whole lot.

Posted by Miss Knotty on February 7, 2008

In the ‘further proof that I’m not invincible’ category – I’m sick. I have an upper respiratory infection, pharyngitis (whatever that is), and a ‘middle ear infection’, which I suppose means that it’s inside my eardrums, but not down my Eustachian tubes (to which I say – I don’t care where it is, it hurts like h*ll!)

On the bright side, I *did* get a day off (to wait for Doc in the Box to call me back and tell me I can come in) and I made some gamely progress on mom’s socks. They come up to my arch now, which means they’re edging nearer to the heel zone (woot!). I think I’m going to knit an afterthought heel with these, since the short rows on the proto-toe I did for these did not show the colors off to best advantage. I could knit a heel flap and knit a gusseted heel. But I haven’t done that before on a toe-up sock and this yarn is VERY prone to fuzziness when I tink (which I might have done once or twice while trying to decide on a toe construction — I admit nothing.)

I have to say, some items move very quickly indeed when you work on them exclusively. I’m doing both socks at once on magic loop and, while ladder-y, the socks are moving at an excellent clip, even on sz 1 needles. I’ll hopefully have them finished quickly, and can continue on with my Finish-Off (I apparently have it bad this year that I want to finish off all the pending UFOs and knit from stash a lot. It’s like a sickness, I guess. To finish, some pictures:

The sock toes in progress (these were taken Sunday night, before the Jane Austen movie. They’re further along now and look more tube-like. I kind of want to transition them to double knit and just double knit them. I’m so hooked on that technique right now. It’s like a sickness. I bet I wouldn’t get ladders with double knit, too. Har. Socks 2.3.08

The Finished Schmatta on my head. Pretty colors. Knitted with Fleece Artist Basic Sock leftovers from a pair I knit for Mom. She loves the socks. I love the colors. Everybody wins.
Schmatta 2.3.08Hair Schmatta Finished 2.3.08

I finished the motorcycle chica gloves, but don’t yet have a good picture. I’ll get one for you once I’m done with the plague.


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