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In which the author is contrite, and ends words with -itude alot

Posted by Miss Knotty on February 5, 2008

Hi. I’ve been around, promise! I just haven’t been posting, because I’ve been sucked into a universe of slackitude.

I’ve been Wowing it, my friends. I have some great little toons of late,

Miss Knotty, a lvl 22 warrior

Vyacheslav, a lvl 11 warrior

Gorislava, a lvl 8? warlock (haven’t played her in a while), and my new addition,

Fionha, a lvl (low) hunter. I think she’s 8 now. She’s really more of a farming toon for the others.

Now, for some Knititude!

I’ve been knitting. I’ve also been spinning. I spun up some pretty brown wool (bartlett?) into a chunky 3-ply, using Navajo plying(!) – it’s very lofty and soft. I still need to give it a wash and set the twist, but I’m pretty pleased with it. I only really got about 30 yards of the yarn, though, which is not really enough to do anything with. I’m still at loose ends about what to knit my Fraggle/Terlingua Sunset yarn into – I’m still thinking wristies, because the yarn is so nice and soft, but it’s very sproingy. It’s about a DK weight, I think. In other news, I’ve been relishing the finishitude and feeling a lot of desire for startitude (I warned you there’d be a lot of -itude words, didn’t I?)

I finished a Hair Schmatta out of some leftover Fleece Artist Sock yarn (knitted on sz 2s, finished with an applied I-cord. Pretty colors, but the knitting was getting PRETTY arduous by the end, b/c I was tired of the never-ending increasing rows (rather like Seraphim?) Fortunately, it’s a made-to-size kind of thing, so when I decided it was big enough (and it was), I finished that baby off. The i-cord even went quickly. I started and finished it while watching Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey on American Masterpiece Classics on PBS (sponsored in part by viewers like me!)

I’ve been wearing the stuff out of it, too! I just love it. It’s 100% merino wool, so it’s just a tad warm and cozy, and the colors stripe and pool and play very prettily together. Picture will follow.

In other newsitude – I also finished my Motorcycle Chica Gloves and have been wearing them. They’re from last Summer’s Interweave Knits – I made a mistake on the 2nd glove, so the little flap and button hole are on the same side on both gloves… oooops. Not going to redo it, though. Instead of crochet cotton I opted for some navy blue Silky Wool that was gifted to me by the lovely Donna B. for my birthday. I got to bust out my shorty 4 DPNs, and I double-knitted the fingers on the 2nd glove after the demonstration by Jen from PieKnits at the Guild Meeting last month. I’ll get to show those at the guild meeting tonight. Too much fun!!

I still have to finish the Mystery Project, as the time is drawing nigh that I’ll have to gift it, so I’ll be busting out the mad sewing skillz this weekend

On the needles I still have my cloth entrelac scarf, some socks for my mom, some Corporate Logo Coasters (I have 3 promised and I just can’t seem to buckle down and finish them!! Sigh.) I’m committed to finishing my long-term projects before I cast on for some new ones, but I will tell you I have so many ideas and desires queued up in my head (and on my Ravelry), and I also recently bought a Spindolyn! So I’m waiting for it to come. I’m really excited about it, b/c I have some pretty mohair curls to spin on it, and some BEAUTIFUL merino fiber and some BFL. So my spinning queue is also backed up. Much to do, Much to do!

Well, I’m back to work now, but There’ll be more to come. I’ll post FO photos forthwith.

P.S. Hi Mema and Pepa! Glad you made it home okay!


One Response to “In which the author is contrite, and ends words with -itude alot”

  1. Jen said

    Wow you don’t sound slacking to me! And that’s so awesome you used double knit! (yeaaay) Coincidently I used that exact same yarn to double knit some fingers too :D

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