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My Swap partner Rocks my world

Posted by Miss Knotty on December 31, 2007

This is way, way, waaaaay so late, but I want to tell you all that my Rock Around the Holiday Clock Swap partner, Dawn, Rocks! I took pics of all the awesome stuff she sent me, and uploaded them to flickr, but didn’t drop them here, and I really really want to show you the various and sundry coolness she sent me!

Some Backstory – The point of the swap was that each swapper was to have an hour of the day that they bought themed gifts around, (there was also a little questionnaire to help with the gift buying) – Dawn, the TexasPurlGurl was my swapper (Kristina of PisceanKnits was my Swap-ee), and Dawn’s hour of the day was 7pm, which was an easy segue to
7pm was the time that this special came on every year. Get where this is going? In any case, my swap presents were closely tied to the Grinch.

A Grinch Dishcloth:
Grinch Dishcloth

A Couple of hand-carded Batts, called Grinchy – they have great stuff in them – Alpaca, wool, sari silk shreds, Mohair curls, some Angelina Fiber (think tinsel, but very very fine and soft), some yarn bits, just all kinds of neat stuff, and beautiful colors!
Sparkly Batt

(forgive the big pic, I wanted y’all to see how very pretty this batt is.

But that’s not all!!
There was also this:
Grinch Row Counter Bracelet Grinch Bead
A Grinch Row counter Bracelet. These little knitting doodads are sooooo cool – you can count up to 99 rows with this lovely little buddy – I intend to get much much use out of it. it’s so cute, and that little glass grinch face bead – who couldn’t love that?

There was also good smellums: (a sachet of lavender blossoms),
Lavender Sachet

A ‘Wreath’ of Romney roving, color “Not Quite Christmas”
Romney Wreath

These are some itsy bitsy stitch markers – They’d probably go brilliantly on any needle up to a sz 2 1/2 (if you use Crystal palace Bamboo DPNs, they have Sz US 2 1/2 – It’s not a made-up size, promise.) I don’t know they’d go over a 3 though.
Teeny Stitch Markers

Case For Christmas

The Case for Christmas, by Lee Strobel – it’s quite the interesting read. I’m really gratified to see him speak directly to the things that people pull up to claim to discredit Christmas. I’m just almost done reading it. I haven’t been faithfully reading it, just picking it up, reading it some, interspersed with candy-coated romance novels (Nora Roberts, Sandra Brown, Elizabeth Lowell, to name a few), stitch dictionaries (I’m reading the written parts of Barbara Walker 4 right now, on loan from Blogless Libby), The Knitter’s Almanac by E Zimmermann, Teach Yourself Visually: Handspinning, a great Christmas gift from Erica – it’s such a great reference. :) Looks like I’m going to have to work on my technique some, though.

Also, I have a bit of a knitting to-do list –
More entrelac coasters for people at work (they like mine, and I have requests for at least 2 more.)
Finish Seraphim
Sew the button on Tudora and weave in ends – and maybe give it a little blocky blocky
Block and Sew up TMP (The Mystery Project) – see, it hasn’t fallen ENTIRELY off the radar – I just still have to block it, sew down the pocket, find lining fabric and sew the straps in.  Before March.  I’m not stressing. yet. But I really need to find some fabric kind of on the asap side, as my sewing skillz are not so mad, yo.

Oh, one more resolution: I’m going to work on my WIPs one at a time until they’re all done. Oh, stop laughing. I can TOO do it.


2 Responses to “My Swap partner Rocks my world”

  1. Elizabeth said

    Cool, cool swap gift! And are those some little kitty ears peeking in the back of the Grinchy batts??? :)

  2. Holt said

    hey gina, I couldn’t remember your email address, so I googled the “knot watt ewe…” and found ya. Anyway I stumbled onto this and thought you might get a kick out of it.

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