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2008 Knitting resolutions!

Posted by Miss Knotty on December 17, 2007

This came up at S&B on Tuesday night, and I’ve been cogitating on it in the back of my mind for some days now (like 6).  Resolutions are goals, decisions, sometimes promises to yourself or someone else that you’ll do something (take up philately), not do something (quit drinking coffee) (SHAH RIGHT!), change something (redecorate the bedroom), fix something, renew something, or even to recycle.

Am I the only one who doesn’t keep resolutions?   I wouldn’t be surprised, really. 

So there’s my taxicab confession – I’m not very good about keeping new years resolutions.  Mostly because of the guilt I feel when I break them. So last year I, ahem, resolved not to make any new years resolutions, thereby both breaking my own resolution, and not making any more serious that I might break. Great. Besides, January isn’t usually when I think about/make resolutions.  For me, it’s around my birthday.  I’m staring at another year past, and I think about what I want to do differently in my mumblemumbleth year. I think about mistakes I’ve made, things I’ve learned, goals I’ve made/achieved/haven’t reached yet, and I write some new goals. But not in January.  And this usually happens around my knitaversary too (I started knitting in the last week of July, in 2005.  I was on vacation.), and think about knitting goals and plans, things I want to knit, things I’ve knit before and might consider again, my stash, my spinning, and start writing out goals for knitting/spinning/philately/Wow, etc., too. 

I don’t get jazzed up about November through February like I used to.  I mean the whole PRESENTS!! thing isn’t there for me as much anymore – after all, I’m not 8 years old.  I mean, Christmas is great, reason for the season and all that, but I just don’t really get hugely enthusiastic about celebrating it.  Some very sage (not the herb) people in my life have mentioned that it’s probably because I’m lonely, and I need to get ‘that special someone’ into my life, and while I don’t disagree with the lonely sentiment, I don’t really enjoy alot of Drama, so the boyfriend thing doesn’t really happen so much for me.  

In any case, in an effort to get jazzed up about the incipient holidays, I’m going to write some knitting resolutions, a la Texas Purl Gurl, because she is la Roque Starre.

 1. Finish Seraphim. (which actually had a hiccup yesterday, because I realized that I had knitted the same row (and had already p u r l e d back) twice (which is irksome, because I could be on the next chart already, and instead I’m tinking back 400some stitches (for 2 rows).  Yes, it’s that important – I won’t wear it if I know there’s a big ole glaring error in it.  Yes, I know it’ll only be a glaring error to me (and everyone who looks at it, because I’ll show them, freak that I am).  So I’m going to tink it.  I noticed it yesterday when I was knitting the next row.  I had to put it down in despair when I noticed.  I didn’t frog it (go me), but I did have to put it down, and put my head down, and contemplate strong drink.  Instead I just took deep breaths and started tinking back the half-row I’d already knitted of the ‘correct’ line.  So I’ll tink.  I’ll lose time, sure, but it’ll be better, knowing that I have the pattern right. Because I’m a control freak.  (Yeah, you know it, I know it, we all know it, and it’s true.)

2.  Knit a mobius…. something.  I kind of want to do a little headband or a mobius smoke ring, or maybe something like Tudora (a little neck scarf) as a mobius, because I’ll have something warm that will stay on my neck and I’ll have knitted a mobius.  Neat!

3.  Socks! More socks!

4. Lace! More lace!

 5.  Beaded! More beaded!

6. Cables! More Cables!

3-6 can be done in combinations too. I won’t mind.

7. Start and finish some kind of sweater.  Maybe a cute little bolero? I like the central park hoodie I keep seeing, but I don’t know if I’ll be doing that – I don’t really have a lot of patience in the all-one-piece sweater area (see Circumnavigated Cardigan (RIP)).

8. Baby things for baby-maker people – maybe an afghan or something – but no way, no WAY am I going to knit another Mystery Project.  Not for a long… little while. 

9. Spin up some of the lovely lovelies that I’ve bought/acquired this year.

10. Knit up SOMETHING (even if it’s a swatch/scrubby/felted thing) using my handspun (not the good handspun).

11.  Have I mentioned, lace, beading, cables and socks? I’d like to do more of those.

12. Mindless things for knitting during Wow Raids.

13. Grind up a WoW character high-level enough to actually DO raids (at this point, the highest I’ve gotten a character EVER has been 24-25), so all you WoWers (like both of you) will know that I’ve got a LONG way to go before I’m at a level to be doing raids. Heck, I can barely finish QUESTS! Define: casual player.

Here’s a shout out to my niece Ayden, who just celebrated her first birthday (on 11.28)!   I’m sure the whole west coast was at the party. Happy belated birthday, and sorry for the belated-ment.


One Response to “2008 Knitting resolutions!”

  1. FyrDrakken said

    Ah, I came over here because you’d friended my LJ and then recognized you when I read the bit about the Seraphim. You left your bag of stitch markers at SnB Sunday, so I stuck them in my kntiting bag and hopefully *one* of us will remember I’ve got them in there at our next SnB.

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