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A peek

Posted by Miss Knotty on November 30, 2007

Progress on my Seraphim!

Feathery Bits Detail

Idn’t it purty?

Yarn is Sock Garden by Knitpicks in Zinnia. Knitted on Sz 7 Addi Turbos.  I’m about 65% done, I think.  I have the rest of Chart b, then charts C & D and the Edging, then I’m done. But here’s the trick – each right-side row increases by 4 stitches.  It seems paltry, but consider, that each 4 stitch increase adds to the already MANY 4-stitch increases that have come before it, thus making for a very lengthy purl row. VERY lengthy.  I love the knit rows, they always seem to go faster than the purls.  Maybe it’s because there’s something INTERESTING going on, so I want to see what the next row holds! So. Love the project, love the look, love the yarn, just dragging on the purl rows.

It’s okay though.  I have mini projects that I’m working on too, when I can’t work on Seraphim – a dishcloth here, a sock heel there (I’m on the heel of my lacy-Jaywalker socks! :) Progress, progress everywhere and not a drop to drink!

In any case, things are getting okay again.  I’ve been dealing with some not-fun health and energy problems (Honey, we don’t have ‘issues’ here.)  but I’m hopeful that with a new medicine cocktail, I’ll actually be kind of better.  I’m for that.

‘night, all!


6 Responses to “A peek”

  1. Jennifer said

    That is super pretty!! But yeah, those purl rows do get a bit lengthy! Just keep pluggin’ along!

  2. elizabeth said

    Maybe you should take a stab at “purling backwards.” I’ve been using it a lot lately and it takes a bit of practice to get going, but you don’t have to turn your work and you get to look at the pretty right side the whole time you’re “purling”…

  3. AlisonH said

    Ooh, pretty…

  4. Birdy said

    I love the stitch markers. The yarn color is GORGEOUS!! Wowie…it looks great.

  5. LOL–I just noticed my blog on the side over there…DFW certqainly has alonger reach than I thought it did…LOL


  6. Zuleika said

    That yarn is soo pretty! I can’t wait to see the finished project. I wish I could knit something as pretty as that. :-)

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