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Who says I don’t finish things?!

Posted by Miss Knotty on November 25, 2007

Sometimes I do. See?
Jayne Hat for me

This is a Jayne Cobb hat just for me, for the cold, cold winter in Dallas (those of you from places that actually have winter are probably guffawing right now).  It was like 41 degrees today and rainy. Ick.  Definitely jammy (or Stitch&Bitch!) Weather.  I chose the latter, since I missed the one earlier this month.  I worked up this baby in just over an afternoon, including weaving in the ends.  I probably could have made the hat just a little longer, but the fit is good and it’s comfy and warm.  Since the yarn-beastie has destroyed my pixie hat I’m going to be using this one (either until I knit another pixie or find another hat that I simply cannot live without (this may be soon, I’m a bit of a hat-ho (if such a thing exists.)

I’ve been a major camnesiac where my car is concerned lately, but fear not, I haven’t forgotten.  It’s just been too cold (for me the wuss), too wet and nasty, or I’ve been too lazy to take my camera outside and shoot some pics.  I’ll get them soon, though. Promise. Still feeling the love though! So, so nice to have a working heater/defrost.  Did I mention cushy seats? Because it has cushy seats.  And Bluetooth.  And cushy seats.

Did I mention the cushy seats?

3 Responses to “Who says I don’t finish things?!”

  1. Birdy said

    cute cute! Yeah after this weekend that hat looks super toasty. I made myself a cute beehive hat. I’ve been kicking it around for months and now that it’s cold–I can’t find it!

    I esp. like the pom pom.

  2. lv2knit said

    The name of the killer lace doily is Lyra — designed by Herbert Niebling. It is a tough pattern to find. I bought mine on ebay — one just sold for $150 this past week. I am still working on mine. It is a very large project!!

  3. […] from there to here, but I surmise that it has something to do with the fact that I’ve made a Jayne Hat or three in my day, and WordPress makes these tidy little ’suggestions’ based on what […]

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