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Posted by Miss Knotty on November 5, 2007

Elinor Sleeps

Time for an installment of Add a Caption:

Please comment and add a caption for whatever it is that my cat, Elinor, is doing here.

You know, for all that she’s a yarn-eating beast from hades sent to torment me, she sure looks cute with her little head in my shoe. You just can’t hate a cat who loves the smell of your stanky old shoes, you know? Or, at least I can’t. But you know what? She has to turn in her ‘above-it-all’ card, because you just can’t recover your pride when your owner puts a picture up on the Internet with your head nestled in a shoe. There’s just no recovery from that.


(note: I did not edit this photo at all. Those of you who know Elinor know that I wouldn’t be able to pose her in any way, because she just would not have it. But I turned, and she was laying like this, head nestled into the heel of my shoe. So I took a picture. Actually, I took one, laughed my head off, and then took another one. Because you just have to have this for posterity. HAVE TO.)

So hit me with some funny.

Edited to add:

Intense geekery, brought to you by YouTube, which COMPLETELY RULES!


9 Responses to “”

  1. Birdy said

    “Hmmmmmmm–this smells soooo good!

    Uggh, uo-oh…I…I think I’m stuck!


  2. Alissa said

    “These don’t SMELL like a Blahnik!”

  3. Ronda said

    sniff, sniff… Oh. Yum! Is that dead mouse I smell in there?
    Well, it sure ain’t Prada I smell….

  4. Liz G. said

    Fetishcat finds Purrrrvana…

  5. Sue H. said

    Now where did she hide that treat?

  6. Beverly said

    Ohhhh, this is so cozy….but {cough, cough} I fear that I may have inhaled a {cough cough} deadly toxin……{snore}

  7. Amy N TX said

    im inveesible. you can not see me. is my shoe now…i lurves it…keeps my noses warm and toasty.

  8. Gina said

    My name is Elinor and I am a yarn theif. I am so ashamed I refuse to show my face. And just for the record….yarn tastes like chicken.

  9. lise said

    Oh – you said “WALK a mile in my shoes…” sorry about that.

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