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Things that make me giggle with glee and gasp with wordless horror, all at one time.

Posted by Miss Knotty on October 24, 2007

This, my friends, is a serving of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia Ice Cream.

Tiny Ice Cream

But wait! What is a serving?
No Really - Tiny Ice Cream
Pomegranate included for scale.

The heck?
Tiny Ice Cream for Scale
Yeah, I was bummed too. Apparently, there are four (4) of these in that Haagen Dazs container. FOUR!

The little ones make me giggle, and they’re only a buck apiece, so they’re not so bad, I suppose, but man! It makes me a little sad that that piddly little ole half-cup of ice cream (yes, friends, that’s 1/2 cup of ice cream; 4 oz. 2 cups = 1 pint, 1/4 pint = 1/2 cup) is supposed to give me the euphoric Ben & Jerry’s thrill (what do they put in there?!!  I love it above all other premium ice creams!  Even Blue Bell (I’m going to get disowned for that.) I’m barely getting a tingle by the time I finish that sad little portion. Course, I’m too embarrassed at the idea of having to crack open another one. So I don’t. To open another would be to eat two tv dinners in a sitting, and I’ve just got too much pride to do that, so I go without. But, to ameliorate this little container problem I have, I can just buy the pints. Problem solved.

I’ve made some progress on some projects, y’all! Moved forward on some, fallen back on others… You know how it goes.

On SotS, I had an error on point 2 before the join (which is ok, b/c I hadn’t made it there yet anyway), and, rather than leave an error there that I would come to resent, I decided to try and ‘fix it’. Which, of course, ended with me ripping it entirely back and winding it back onto the ball. Argh. So now, officially, I’ve completed point 1 of clue 1. Sigh. I’ll cast on again this weekend.

Mystery Project is over 70% done! I say 70% as an absolutely arbitrary figure, but you’re going to have to take my word for it! Yarr!

The Mystic Waters Shawl KAL released its first pattern piece today (10/25). Good thing I blocked my swatch last night!
Taken with flash:
Mystic Waters Swatch 2 (w flash)
Taken without flash:
Mystic Waters Swatch

I’m getting 4.5-5 st/1 in on this baby, and I like the lacy openness of it. I knitted it on a US 6. I thought about going down to a 4 maybe, but then decided against it, as I like the openness of the fabric that I got, and it’s PRETTY WARM even as open as it is, so I think I’ll be happy with a big ole shawl at this weight and openness. (and it’s a big ole thing – the designer’s shawl ended 50″ from neck to point and 98″ across the wingspan. That’s pretty huge! Even though I’m okay with the hugeness of it, I have to mention here that I’m only 5’4″ (64″) barefoot, and my wingspan is (I think) right at about 5′ (I have little t-rex arms), so this shawl’s going to swallow me. But, I reiterate – I’m okay with that. I like a big something to cuddle up in (particularly for my church – it gets COLD in the sanctuary).

In other news, I’m working a lot, which is good and bad. The OT is great, and I’m looking forward to having a new car someday soon, but what good is a new car and oodles of OT $$ if I’m too dratted tired to enjoy it? Oh well, I’ll have a calmer season sometime. (I hope).
Seraphim 2
Oh, and Seraphim has been fished out of the ether and I’m working on her too. (and Muir, and Secret of the Stole, and Mystic Waters, and the Tina Shawl, and … and…. and…. Oh! and the Danica Scarf (sometimes), and Endpaper Mitt the Third (of the pair), and… well, I’m sure there are some other projects floating out there that need my love and attention (Like my white Emerald Bracelet needs to be finished out, and poor Shroeder still needs to be stuffed and sewn up. I need to get a case of finishitis (I had a bout of startitis recently, so maybe I’ll have a finishitis bout closer to the end of the year, maybe coupled with a bout of monogamous knitting. (What? It could happen. Sometime. Maybe. (When a chicken is mayor of Lajitas!!*).

Cheers, all!

Miss K.

*This might not make sense to some of you.  Lajitas is a little tiny town in Texas, about 50 miles from Mexico.  Its mayor, I kid you not, is a goat.  A goat named Clay Henry, who likes to drink Lone Star Beer.  (well, somebody has to drink it).  I really only included that line to make my Mema & Pepa laugh, because they’ll get the joke, they live near there. Hi Mema & Pepa! I love my socks and put them on every night when I get home from work.  They’re so comfy, and absolutely wonderfully zany!! I love them and I’ll put up pictures very soon! (Luv, R)


3 Responses to “Things that make me giggle with glee and gasp with wordless horror, all at one time.”

  1. Kat said

    Ooo, purty lace!!! I love the swatch–it’s the perfect amount of laciness in my opinion.

    How funny about the Ben & Jerry’s serving! That makes me giggle, too.

    I found you on Ravelry! Woo hoo!!

    Good luck on finishing up some projects–I’m bad about that, too.

  2. jenny said

    The addiction factor is worse the Solitare and Tetris combined!!

    Plus you are feeding starving ppl for free. :)

  3. Be a Good Daughter said

    Thanks your post is delightful.
    I will definitely read your site..
    Thank you

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