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Not to worry you guys, but

Posted by Miss Knotty on October 14, 2007

I just looked at the Hobby Lobby Ad for this week, (because I look every week, whether I go or not) and it popped up just like normal, but it said this magical little line at the bottom:

Hobby Lobby Ad Week 42.

Week 42? WHAT?! You know what that means, don’t you?

We have just over 9 weeks until Christmas. Which wouldn’t be problem if you count it in days or months (that’s 2 months + 1 week), but if you consider, my friends, that if you’re knitting gifts for Christmas, you have 9 weeks to finish, blog block, and send them (if sending is required), then these ‘weeks’ just got a whole lot shorter! EEEEEEE!

So yeah. I hadn’t been thinking about this, and I don’t really think in terms of weeks, but this just struck me right between the eyes when I was looking at the ad (which didn’t really tickle my fancy too terribly much, but whatevs), and now I realize that maybe I should! I mean, breaking things down into days and hours works for me, usually, but sometimes I lose the forest for the trees, and ‘zooming out’ and remembering that tempus does indeed fugit has certainly jangled my confidence today.


But I’m cool. I’ll manage.

Gotta fugit, though – things to do.

To finish, something old that still makes me laugh.

This (ahem, hideous) statue resides in Balboa Park, in San Diego, California. I realize it’s supposed to be a cultural something-or-other and reminiscent of… something, and probably symbolic, too. But it’s still ugly.
Balboa Park Butt-Ugly Statue 2


3 Responses to “Not to worry you guys, but”

  1. Birdy said

    Jeez you put it that way and I begin to feel the cold of Dread’s fingers on my neck. Ack. I lost your blog addy when my computer broke, so that’s for sending the group your blog addy again. 9 weeks are you serious?? I still got that Adamas to finish and the Swallowtail to start–and ack…well at least my bracelets take a day to make. Seriously 9 weeks? Oh did that happen?

  2. Pamela bourque said

    Cultural, my, ahem, a$s. How is something so ugly suppose to do anything but make us wonder at the sanity of the official that decided this would be just the thing?
    luckily its not local for me, poor you if you have to see it often! Way to make you avoid, huh?

    • So true, Pamela. I live in TX, but saw this piece of… “art”, shall we say? when I was in San Diego, CA years ago. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but blech.

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