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Like a sickness

Posted by Miss Knotty on October 9, 2007

I love to knit. I love to spin. I love my job. I love … everything!

But I have a problem. I have oodles of absolutely LOVELY spinning fiber: Mohair, BFL, Merino, Bamboo(!), and instead of spinning any of these wonderful wonders, guess what I’m spinning. GUESS. You DFWChicks will be able to guess, because I’m a TOTAL FREAK. Or a masochist. You tell me.

What am I spinning? What?


I decided to ‘repurpose’ some Lion Brand Homespun, take the icky core bits out, repurpose the fiber and spin it into something I’ll actually enjoy using (because Homespun? She no knit so nice. She crochet ok, but she no knit so nice. Jus’ Sayin’.). Anyway, yeah, so I’m repurposing the fiber. Because I LOVE it. Not the fiber. The colorway. It’s this glorious colorway I think I’m going to call ‘Ribbon Candy’, because I can’t find the colorway on their site, and it’s NOT CORINTHIAN. But it’s the colors of ribbon candy – reds, a bright green, a purple… except it flows together in this glorious blending of color that just… makes me want to hug it.


I could justify it, you know. I could say that I’m practicing with it, trying to make a lovely, consistent singles so that when I spin my ‘good stuff’, I’ll produce something that will feel wonderful, look wonderful, and I’ll WANT to knit with it.  But I won’t.  Because that’s a lie.  The truth is I love the color so much that I’m willing to overlook a multitude of unlikable characteristics to spin this colorway. On that note, I have a confession to make:

I’ve never knitted with my handspun. (I hear you gasp in horror. it’s not like I’ve spun rooms full, only to buy commercial yarns for knitting. Truly, all my handspun (ALL OF IT) fits in one 1-gallon freezer bag. But I am proud of it! I take it to spinning demos, and I take it out and touch it and think about knitting it up!

But then I run into the whole ‘but how much do I have? do I have enough to knit anything? Will it break when I knit it? What if I hate it?! And so I don’t. Analysis Paralysis strikes again.  Not only that, but I also have a ‘disconnect’ between my hobbies, like somehow my handspun stash isn’t FOR knitting.  It hasn’t managed to jump from one side of the stash channel to the other, once it’s a spun yarn.  It stays with its own, even though it’s outgrown its crowd, metaphorically speaking.  In any case:


cute kiddens

Other news items:

Bought angora/cashmere mix goat hair (is this still considered mohair? – the label says so, so I’m sticking with it.) Also some 100% bamboo spinning fiber – love. So silky. But hard to spin! Maybe I’ll have more success with the drop spindle on this. I had a lot of breakage on the wheel. Hrmm.
The mohair:
Bubba Mohair - Merit TXMohair from Bubba the Goat - Merit TX

One thing to mention, though – bubba was/is a DIRTY goat – his hair left a little cloud of dusty vm-dirt behind (VM is vegetable matter to all you non-spinners – it’s generally grass and hay that is stuck to/in the fleece when it’s cut, and then makes it into the bag with the fiber.)

The bamboo:
Bamboo Fiber for Spinning by Fiberlady

Bought some shorty-short glove needles for my second Motorcycle Chica Glove,
Went a leeetle crazy at the bookstore:

But one item goes with my collection:
Anne Taintor Collection

and worked on my Secret of the Stole… Stole.
Secret of the Stole

Oh, and I saw Lee Strobel Speak THREE TIMES this weekend at my church. He’s a great speaker, and, I suspect, a great writer too, although I haven’t read his books. But one doesn’t get to be the (now former) Legal Editor for the Chicago Tribune with crappy prose. Just sayin’.
Lee Strobel @ My church - bad pic

Anyway, so he spoke and he was GREAT. I was going to say something to him, and he was within 5 feet of me and I could have said something, and for some old reason, I just FREAKED OUT. I think it’s because he’s a SOMEBODY, and because I really admire his style, and I didn’t want to say anything completely gooberish to him. His speaking style is somewhat anecdotal, and I didn’t want to be in his next batch of rhetoric. Besides, all I could think of to say was “You were great last night” and that doesn’t come across too well when (as a single late-20s woman) you say it to a married man in front of a bunch of ministers and deacons. Plus I was a little hoarse, and I had a kind of Kathleen Turner Gravel Voice thing going on, and I didn’t want it to come across that way, so I didn’t say anything.

Seriously. That’s all I could think of to say. Like that scene from An Affair To Remember: “And all I could say was… [You were great last night.]Hello.” AUGH!

So I’ve probably missed out on my chance to talk to the guy. But that’s ok. I’ll read his books, sometime. I enjoyed listening to him because he gives a really, really fascinating testimony, and he sources places OTHER than the Bible, which, for me, works. I know the Bible says to have faith like a child (which I think a lot of people think of unquestioning faith when they think of that verse, but when I think of that verse, I think of a bratty 4-year-old who asks ‘why?’ after everything you tell them, until you run out of things to tell them, and then just tell them to go play in traff– okay maybe that’s just me.) That’s definitely not unquestioning. So I approach my faith that way, I ask why? a whole heckuva lot. Why? and What? and When? and How?, and Where?. It just deepens it for me to get the whole picture of something – i.e who’s the audience? When in history is this? What is the culture like?, etc. and not just a piece of verse floating out in the ether. So his very thorough research style does it for me – he searches and studies and talks to experts, just like a journalist would do, and then reports back his findings.

I’m feeling the Lee Strobel love right now, people. But you probably already knew that.

Anyway, so yeah. He was great on Saturday night (and on Sunday night too!)

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