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Knit Out & Crochet Too Dallas!

Posted by Miss Knotty on September 29, 2007

Today was Knit Out and Crochet Too – despite spending much of today with Camnesia, I got to meet some fantastic people, see a harlot (not THE HARLOT, but a harlot all the same), having dinner with frigging awesome people then being a bonehead, and I won a fabulous prize from The Woolie Ewe.

A harlot (not The Harlot), was sitting at the table to our right while we were having dinner. Picture this – high, teased pony tail with obviously fake clip-on extension, base at LEAST 2 shades too dark for her skin, a peachy-colored bra at LEAST 2″ higher under her arms than her tank top (which had open cut-out holes along the top and sides.) Eeeeh – The lovely and hilarious Dawn said, ‘so that’s what you get when you hook up on craigslist..’. I sorta-kinda-but-not at all kinneared her, and the pictures came out too dark to see, darnit. But seriously. Hooooochie. I wanted to go over to her table and ask if she realized that had left home without putting a shirt on.
A harlot - not THE Harlot
But oh well. There’ll always be bad dressers. And there will always be people to make fun of them. I’m just bummed my pics didn’t turn out better. Dang it. Because this girl… it was like looking at a car accident. It’s horrible, you feel guilty, but you can’t…look…away, because you know the moment you do, something tragic is going to happen to one of her straps and there’ll be (coughcoughenhancedcoughcough) bosoms in her fish tacos, and who could look away from that?

So… Fabulous prizes!
Frigging Cool

I hit the payload on the door prizes today – I got a gift bag from The Woolie Ewe in Plano. The prize included a gift card, Woolie Ewe tote bag and coffee mug, and the4 Lucy Neatby Knitting Gems DVDs – how awesome is that?! They called my number and I nearly fell over. Boy, Sue & Jill sure know how to put together a prize pack! And I got one of the Woolie Ewe totebags that I wanted, but hadn’t bought yet. SCHWEET!

There was fantastic fun enjoyed, and then we paid our checks at Mi Cocina and I, like an idiot, came on home, having a truly blonde moment, and not realizing there was much more on-the-town-tomfoolery (and possibly more harlot-sighting) to be had.  Such a goof. But it’s okay, because I’m totally going to watch one of my Lucy Neatby DVDs. Woo hoo!


One Response to “Knit Out & Crochet Too Dallas!”

  1. Birdy said

    Awesome prizes! Congrats on the good fortune!

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