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These are a few of my favorite things………

Posted by Miss Knotty on September 25, 2007

I didn’t get tagged for this one, but stole copied it from Texas Purl Gurl’s blog.

My Favorites

Sound – companionable silence – like the silence that happens after a belly laugh between friends dies down.

Late Night Snack – Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream in any flavor that doesn’t have nuts or coconut in it.

Smell – The smell after a thunderstorm

Color Combination – I love melon-y combinations – canteloupe coral colors to honeydew greens, and maybe mango colors as well.

Nut- I like salted walnuts a lot, and pistachios

Time of Year – The dead of winter.  Not that we see any real winter in Dallas, just a few sleety days around the freezing point in February. 

Books – Historical Fiction, the Biographies by Chuck Swindoll, the Bible (natch), Some fantasy, but mostly near-future stuff, Blade-Runner style.   The Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon is AWESOME (I just finished Book 6 – A Breath of Snow and Ashes).   I have a wee little addiction to romance novels.  Jude Deveraux, Sandra Brown, Elizabeth Lowell, Nora Roberts – I especially love the ones that are more mystery than romance, but have a little romance tossed in.  I also love some mysteries – Kathy Reichs writes great ones.  Too bad I can’t knit & read at the same time.

Vegetable – Brussels Sprouts just about any old way, and potatoes au gratin. Yum yummy yum.

Male Actor – Hugh Jackman, Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Daniel Craig, Edward Norton….  I could go on.

Female Actress – I have always liked Reese Witherspoon, Claire Danes is doing some pretty neat stuff lately, and Anne Hathaway is one to watch. 

Flower – I don’t have a particular favorite, but I love flowers still on the vine/bush/plant etc.  Cut flowers are lovely, but they have such a short shelf life.  If you want to wow me, give me a flowering plant in a pot, not a bouquet of roses. 

Vacation Spot – Terlingua!

Pizza – Hawaiian (Canadian Bacon/Pineapple)

Subject in School – Yes.

TV Channel – PBS, I suppose.  I don’t watch TV so I can’t really say.  Although FX is showing ‘The Riches‘ with my favorite comedian of all time, Mr. Eddie Izzard, so I’ll claim FX. And I used to watch a lot of Showtime – Queer as Folk, The Tudors…  I watch most of these shows on DVD from Blockbuster Total Access though, so maybe Blockbuster is my favorite ‘channel’.  Pun totally intended.

Radio Station – AM 770 KAAM – where the legends live.

Holiday – My birthday!  I like Easter a lot.

Perfume – Angel by Thierry Mugler

Shoes – Ones with pointy toes, flip flops and heels.

Candy – Butterfinger

City to Shop – I don’t know – I’ve never gone to a city specifically to shop.

Beauty Products – ID Bare Minerals and Bare escentuals. Love.

Item to Shop For – Yarn, spinning fiber, books, and videos.

I tag no one, but I invite anyone who wants to fill it out to comment me so I can come read your answers!


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