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Weekend Update with Miss Knotty:

Posted by Miss Knotty on September 23, 2007

Aah, the weekend. That halcyon, ephemeral time when one’s time is appears to be one’s own. The truth of the matter is that one’s time is still impinged upon by the unending swirl of chores to be done at home, to add to the busyness of the week; the laundry that needs washing, drying and folding, the sheets that need to be changed, the bathroom whose turn it is to be scoured a bit, the various and sundry million other things that are clamoring to be done and cutting into Time I’d Rather Spend Knitting. Still, I managed to do a few fun things:

I went to the Bead Market at Richardson Civic Center, a fun little jaunt, on Saturday. I was very good, and only procured a few little things: five tubes of seed beads:
Beads from the Bead Market 07
The two on the left are from Bead Corner KC and The others are from Beadstuff. I also got some of those neat little triangular bead trays from Beadstuff, but neglected to photograph them. Because I’m forgetful. It happens. Besides, they’re silver and probably wouldn’t photograph well in any case. So there that is.

I got precious little knitting done, although I did tink back to the beginning of the toe on my new socks, as the pattern was not working up properly.

(I did finish my Hurry Up and Wait Socks first – Hurry up and wait socks the done.)

I’m going to have to work out a different pattern for these new babies, but I do want to pattern them a little, just for the enjoyment of doing it, and because I think this yarn will play really, really well with a little simple patterning – just a knit and purl combo, nothing too fancy schmancy. I’m knitting up the Claudia’s on Size 1s, but I may rip and go down to 0s, because I’m whimsical like that, and because what I’ve done so far seems kind of open and I want them a little firmer, if they’re going to be a sock toe.

The Mystery Project is project-ing along nicely, and Seraphim is growing a little. I haven’t spoken of Seraphim much lately because I feel guilty for neglecting it so long, but I do pick it up and work a row when I’m home knitting.
Seraphim Update 9-23-07
It’s just that I’m not home knitting too much lately. Got so many balls in the air, you know? Plus I’m about to be into Chart 2 and that’s much much more lace-knitting action, so I’m a little anxious, and thus forestalling it with Danica progress (I learned to Knit and Purl back backwards so that I don’t have to turn it as much, which is nice. However, I’m still carrying around 6 balls of yarn for 1 project, and they’re 100% cotton cloth yarn (Torn Fabric String from Textile Creations (I got it at Hancock Fabrics before they went out of business in my area)), so they’re a bit on the heavy side. Ungh… Still though, I make gamely progress along as I go, and the scarf is growing.)

Endpaper Mitt the Third is languishing at about row 4 of its pattern, because I just haven’t had the fair isle vibe lately, even though I really WANT to work on that and get it done, as it gets chillier daily at my office, which calls for some warm fingerless mitts which haven’t been chewed to bits in a number of places by a certain ill-behaved little mongrel).  I had a realization as I was cleaning out my knitting bag this evening – that I have a 40 and a 47″ cable for my KnitPicks Options and I could use Magic Loop to do my Mitt instead of my mismatched set of 2 Sz 5 circs to do it.  I could learn a new technique AAANNNDDD get a third mitten knit (and maybe have a better time with tensioning my fair isle) although I have to say that I may have to make an Endpaper Mitt the Fourth because my Endpaper Mitt the First seems to be in a tighter gauge than Endpaper Mitt the Third.)

Anyway, I don’t have much else to show except that my Spinsanity Spindle came!!
Spindle 2 Spindle top

WOOOO! You may have seen it in my Flickr bar recently, but didn’t know what it was – it’s a new drop spindle from Spinsanity herself! She gifted it to me as a ‘new car’ present (She got a new car, I got a spindle – aren’t spinners (and spindle-makers) awesome?!) I spun up the rest of the ‘test fiber’ that she left on the spindle, and I loooove how light this baby is. It’s wonderfulness all in a spinny spinny package. She also included some pretty stitch markers and a sweet little note. Thank you Spinsanity! I love it!

In other news I went a little shoppy-crazy this weekend: I bought three new pairs of shoes and a couple of new work totes. I got a killer deal on one of the Totes, a Liz Claiborne tote that apparently was part of a luggage set (but only the bag was left) – I don’t want to talk prices, but I paid WAAAAY less than retail – GO ME! I wore one of my pairs of new shoes to church and I looked fabulous! even if I did have to remember how to walk (and stand) in highish heels. I got to have lunch with Birdie and the Flying Dutchman and several of their Sunday School friends today, which was fun, and we went to Which Wich?, a yummy little sandwich place. Their French Dip sandwiches are particularly delightful.

Then of course, today was a DFW Stitch ‘N Bitch day (every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the Month are Stitch & Bitch days at Cafe Express on McKinney Avenue). Big fun! and so I went to that and had a ball. Next week (9/29) is Knit Out & Crochet Too at Half Price Books on NW Highway (which I live very near to – Woo!) – Come and ply your fibery arts! Come and teach someone else to knit! Come and learn a new technique! Just come and bask in the used-book wonderland!

Then there’s the Prestonwood South of 635 Area Gathering on 9/30 at North Dallas High School on McKinney Avenue just north of Blackburn.

Then the next Tuesday (10/2) is the Guild meeting, and…. Sheesh.

Then, on 10/6 there’s the Olde Time day (or whatever it’s called) in Farmersville, and Diane at Fiber Circle likes for people to bring their wheels/knitting to demonstrate and hang out, so I might be trekking down there with my Loandrum to do some spinny spinny for a little while or maybe some Knitty Knitty, or maybe even some bothy bothy. I probably won’t stay all day, but it’ll be fun to hang out for a while and see things, and to check out Fiber Circle; it’s a neat shop, I just wish it wasn’t so far down the road (same as Delightful Hands in Celina)!

My weekends are so booked! It’s CRAZY! What’s a girl to do? I’m going to need a vacation from my ‘social life’! EEEEE!

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