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In which I am smote by Instant Lunch

Posted by Miss Knotty on September 20, 2007

I got burned, people. Burned.


I was holding an Instant Lunch while the hot water was doing its noodle-revitalizing magic, and I spilled some of the nearly-boiling water in the webbing where my thumb meets my hand, and across and down the back of my hand and palm.  I screeched like a banshee, and it made me cry, but I didn’t drop the noodles – go me.  As a result of this embarrassing and painful event, the eating of the noodles was vengeance, rather than hunger – it hurt me, and so I had to eat it.  Take that, noodles.  You thought you were going to get off easy, and be dumped into the garbage can, didn’tcha?  But noooo – I ate you. Nyah, Instant Soup. Nyah.  (See you lunchtime tomorrow!).

I ate them allll. And I drank what was left of the broth that I didn’t spill. Vengeance is mine. Or something.

In any case, owie.  I iced it for a couple hours, and it still feels hot, but the redness has largely faded away.  I know it’ll still be tender for a few days, and I’ll be gentle with it, but man!  I thought my hands were tough.  Shah right!!!! AAANYway, so that was my less-than-fun experience this evening. Now on to fun things!

I  finished the hurry up and wait socks, and I kitchenered the toe closed already, despite my lack of photographic evidence – pictures soon, when I can get my home PC to cooperate.

I am all ready for the Secret of the Stole Knitalong, I have my beads, my teeeeeny weeeeeny crochet hook (for application of said beads), my needles, my yarn, my swatch.  I’m ALL set.  Just have to wait for October 5 now.  EEEEE!

I’ve got yarn for the Hemlock Ring blanket, all set and ready to go, and I think I’m going to re-purpose my navy blue yarn for the Emma Jacket (by Knitpicks).  I’m fascinated with the construction of this jacket, and I think the combination of the short-waistedness of the jacket, the v-neck-ness, and the fitted sleeves and shaping will make it a very nice jacket to knit, although looking on Ravelry, the people who have knitted this jacket are not in love with it. Which makes me a little sad and maybe a little nervous.

I’m making steady progress on the Mystery Project for Birdie & the Flying Dutchman, and I expect it will be coming together in all its mystery-projectlike splendor in short order.

The Danica is resting peacefully in the bottom of my knitting bag, Endpaper Mitt the Third is hanging out with Danica, the Motorcycle Chica Glove is terrorizing them both with its string-ended-finger Freddy Kruegerness (but in a very yarny way), and Seraphim rests languidly atop all of it (because I can’t stuff another thing into that poor beleaguered bag – it’ll ‘splode.)  (I need another knitting bag? What?)

Once I finish out the Mystery Project, I’ll likely knit up a little pair of quick girly-booties for Chenin for her baby shower (why not? I have the yarn, the needles, and the pattern, easy, fast, and already paid-for – Woo!)  and cast on for some more socks.  I’m using the Claudia that jennyjake gave me on a pattern from Magknits, the Shimmer socks.  Since I finished my Hurry Up and Waits, I gotta get something else in the works for ‘on the go’ purposes.  Although I probably won’t be working on it this week – stupid soup.


One Response to “In which I am smote by Instant Lunch”

  1. Birdy said

    Yeouch!! That is the worst place to get burned. Trust me I have burned myself quiet a few times being very blond (I could tell ya some pretty sad sad stupid stupid stories)–which is also sad because I am NOT a blond, just a recessive blond…LOL.

    Take that NOODLES!!

    I hope you are sufficiently recovered to knit… going to the Austin Knit Out??

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