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Knitting?! Who KNITS anymore?

Posted by Miss Knotty on September 10, 2007

Why, I do.  And I have some updates to show you. :)

 Hard to imagine, I know, me knitting.  [irony.stop.Do]

Okay, so where do I begin? I’ve got almost a full bobbin of Terlingua Sunrise/Fraggle singles, and I spent about an hour pre-drafting half of what I have left.  I’m hoping to get another full bobbin and ply them together.  I did get to thinking last night (dangerous, I know) and wondered what this yarn would be like as a singles yarn, but then dismissed that, as I prefer a multi-ply yarn.  Can’t really tell you why, I just do. Once I have the presence of mind to photograph it, I’ll post up an updated picture.  It looks a lot like the last picture, but the bobbin is fuller.

TheMysteryProject is moving right along, I have about 5 more rows before I get to the pocket (it’s got a pocket, you know – Oh, you didn’t know?  Well, it’s got a pocket.  Now you know) and I’m cruising right along.  I’ll have to stop soon though, because I have to do some re-calculating for the next section, since I’m not knitting to pattern. I’m such the rebel.

I’m cruising along down the foot of Sock 2 of the Hurry Up and Wait Socks – almost finished! Wee.

 I’ve swatched without beads for the Secret of the Stole, and I saw a neat tutorial for adding beads to knitting last night (in a different way – to me), and so I’ll be swatching again with some other yarn, just to practice the technique.  Wee! I heart beading!
SotS Swatch 9.9.07

In addition, I finished 1 Motorcycle Chica Glove – it needs ends woven in, and a button sewn on.  It’s lovely, though.
Motorcycle Chica Glove the First

 I’ve started another endpaper mitt, because I’m a wild and crazy gal.  Okay, not really.  The wee beastie pulled one out of my purse and murdelized it, so I need another one to complete the pair.  Effin Cat.  The girls at SNB think that I should make her wear it, since she’s so keen on eating it.  While I’m not altogether averse to that idea (it would be funny!), it might get the point across that she should not be eating my stuffs, but trying to get her into that outfit would surely lead to ruin and despair, which won’t do.

In any case, I’m knitting another endpaper mitt with the leftover Trekking XXL and Essential that I had left over from the pair (I think I’ll be able to get another glove out of what I have – Hooray!  and perhaps I’ll make mismatched socks out of the other balls I have – I have 50g left of the trekking in a separate ball, and another 50g ball of Essential in the matching color – maybe I’ll just do opposite toes, heels and cuffs and have a pair of socks that is a pair but doesn’t match. Way to use up those leftovers, eh?

 Now I have some pressing questions:

Once I finish TheMysteryProject and the Motorcycle Chica Gloves, should I continue on Seraphim or start the Autumn Shawl?  Should my next socks be bottom-up or cuff-down?  What yarn should I use? What size needle?  I’m thinking the Chartreuse, Black & Grey Trekking XXL, but I also have the Veg-All, the Trekking Pro Natura, a couple balls of Opal, some neat Jawool with Flecks, the Cherry Tree Hill, The Smooshy (by Dream in Color), The Claudia… Should I bechuck knittng socks until I get my replacement Endpaper Mitt finished and then decide? And let’s not forget that Secret of the Stole starts on Oct 5, and I eagerly want to keep up with that KAL as it rolls along.  So many projects!  And Poor Schroeder still needs eyes and stuffing, and my Emerald Bracelet needs a snap, my Motorcycle Chica Gloves need ends woven in, and a button, and … and…. and… and…

Too many thoughts.  Must Knit. Lata.


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