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Posted by Miss Knotty on August 25, 2007

In the wake of the horror of the circumnavigated saga, I lost my mojo for about a minute.

Then I found it in the bottom of the back of the closet, and remembered – ‘oh yeah, I like other stuff too!’

So I got out my wheel, and my drop spindle, did some spinning, worked the crossword and (ahem) several sudoku puzzles, read some, watched some movies, and cast on for 3 new projects. I’m such the junkie. I also pulled some oldie-but-goodie works that had been put into hibernation and tossed them in the ole bag o’ tricks too.

Like Seraphim, and the Danica Scarf in Torn Fabric String (which I went hunting for more of that stuff online and apparently cannot find it anywhere in the Dallas Area. Sadness. I have contacted the company to see what can be done (if anything).  **Reality Check** Like I need more yarn. Hello? (Saving for) Buying a car? Paying off loans? What?

Oh, yeah. Adulthood. Fiscal responsibility (Say that in the brattiest tone possible and see if it doesn’t make you laugh.  It made me laugh). Drat. Oh well. I’ll have to shop the stash! 


This colorway is called ‘Fraggle’ and was dyed up by Girl on the Rocks, of Etsy kitchener stitchmarker fame, but I may rename the yarn, once it’s spun, to Terlingua Sunrise, because the colors I see coming out remind me of dawn at Mema & Pepa’s house near Terlingua. Stunning skies.

Spinning 8-24

Sunrise @ Casa de la Playa

My Mema shot this picture. Can you see why I want to rename my colorway? Look at those hues!

Moving on…

Merino top, hand-dyed by The Accidental Knitter, being spun on my (converted)* bottom-whorl spindle. The colorway is actually a blue to green gradation across the roving – I’m going to try to keep the gradation as it looks on the roving, phasing though the various colors of emerald, into teals and aquas, and finally to rich sapphire blue, but I may change my mind, as I’m wont to do. I haven’t given this colorway a name yet, because it hasn’t told me, but I’m optimistic that it will open up and make its wishes known at some point.  Stay tuned.

Drop Spindle Bottom Whorl Merino

Here’s some ‘finished’ yarn.  It’s Targhee (a sheep breed) in the Oriental Poppies Colorway, dyed by Susan of  Susan’s Spinning Bunny – I’m loving how the colors phase, and it goes from beautiful rose red to a dark, dark aubergine and royal purple, up to a very delicate, sweet pink.  it’s very soft and lofty, and I love it, even though it is a bit ‘thick and thin’.  I need to count up my yardage and see how much I have of this.  I don’t think I have very much, but I could be wrong.  It started as 4 oz of top, so I may surprise myself, when all is said and done.

Oriental Poppies Targhee Plied

Here are my new projects, (from already-ready-already yarns) for those of you who read me, but don’t have any interest in visiting my Flickr page or aren’t on Ravelry (yet).

A mystery (gift) project for a friend, which, obvy, I can’t show you, but I can tell you that the yarn I’m using is mercerized cotton in a beautiful milk chocolate brown.

Danica Scarf in Torn Fabric String:
Danica Scarf 8-24

I continue on. I’m into my 3rd repeat of my color pattern (Batik 1, Solid 1, Batik 2, Solid 2, etc.) and the scarf is about 2′ long unstretched. I don’t know if this will take any blocking, being cotton, but it has a lot of vertical stretch because of the entrelac blocks. It’s been a lot of fun to work on, even with having to carry around 6 balls of yarn to work on it (the blocks go fast, being only 6 sts across.) The ‘yarn’ is by Textile Creations, Inc, and is called ‘Torn Fabric String’.  Descriptive.   This project is actually a lot of fun to work on, because I love seeing the blocks take shape, it’s coming together fast because of the big gauge (sz 13 needles!) and it has a great boho look that I think is going to be absolutely lovely come winter – wearable, warm but not too warm, for these tempestuous Dallas climes – we just don’t get cold  here.  Zan will have to bear the brunt of the cold up in New York City (New York City! Get a rope!)**
The Marble Cardi:
Marble Cardi Cast On
In point of fact I worked on this this evening (while being disappointed by a movie purchase*** and watching Moulin Rouge for about the 1000th time). I have about 1.5 inches of 2×2 ribbing on the bottom back. Not bad, eh? It’s not much to look at, though, so I decided to forego taking a picture, and will instead appease you with my swatch (so you’ll have a better idea what it’ll look like when it’s actually, like, a sweater:


Lest my sock knitter friends think that my sock knitting has gone neglected, I give you: Hurry Up and Wait sock the First, and its mate-in-waiting:

Hurry up and Wait sock the Second (2)

Last but not least, my newest small project, the Motorcycle Chica Gloves from the Summer ’07 Interweave, as interpreted in Elsebeth Lavold’s Silky Wool:

MCGs Actual

I love these little gloves.  They’ve been a real blast to work on so far (famous last words, I know – I still have the fingers to do), and I think they’re going to feel WONDERFUL come winter, whether I have a car with heat or not – it still takes a minute for the car to heat up, and having my digits encased in silk and wool will certainly feel nicer than cold hands on cold steering wheel.  Also, the yarn is an almost-black navy blue, which doesn’t translate well here, but I’m never outside with knitting in daylight so I don’t have a good color pic for you.   Sorry.  I’ll try to do some natural light shots when the weather here cools down some.

I was horsing around the other night and happened to catch Sneakers in ‘Tractor Beam Engaged’ flashy-eyes, which was made all the more effective by the fact that Elinor was walking toward her.  What?  thought it was funny.  So I’m an [old school] Star Trek geek.  Just add another point to the geek scale.  That ought to really push me firmly into the Geek circle on the Venn Diagram – as if you didn’t know.  (Doesn’t everyone keep a Venn Diagram of their personality traits?  Oh, wait – I don’t either.  Minus one geek point for me.  But I know what a Venn Diagram is.  Plus one geek point for me, with bonus points for it being math and/or sociology geek knowledge.  I’m really going to have to write all these shades of geekery down somewhere.  Maybe like a geek points scale, a la D & D. How else will we all keep track?  Oh, like you weren’t thinking it too).  (“I want to get some Mountain Dew!” “Wait just a minute, okay?  Regina’s about to roll for Math Geek points, and we need a 2nd witness in the room.” “Oh, alright, but I want some freaking Mountain Dew!” “All RIGHT!! Plus seven Math Geek! Sweet!”)  Yeah. Waaay Geeky.  But you were all there with me, so you’re geeks too. Glad to know I’m in good company.

Locked on, Tractor Beams engaged

*The lovely and talented Blogless Erica gave me a drop-spindle kit from Babe’s Fiber Garden with some fun Targhee roving to play with.  Initially I made it a top-whorl drop spindle, pretty light-weight.  I converted it into a bottom whorl with a heavier weight, because I read that bottom whorls/heavier spindles tend to spin heavier yarns, and I want to spin a roughly DK weight singles.  We’ll see if that actually happens, but anyway, there it is.   Boring story, but I didn’t want you guys to think that I have a million drop spindles.  Truth be told, I have one (1).  I’d like some more, particularly after Ms. Zan has been singing about how great the Spinsanity spindles are, but I’m funneling money into the new car fund left and right, and I’d rather have a new car than a Spinsanity spindle.  So there that is.

** You get extreme cool/dork points for being able to identify this tag line.

*** I bought Brotherhood of the Wolf at Half Price Books, and, while the tape says Brotherhood of the Wolf, what I actually got on the tape is some commercials, the end credits of an episode of Friends and an episode of The West Wing.  Fine programming, I suppose, but I wanted to watch Samuel Le Bihan do some crazy martial arts, and look extremely…. French…. while doing it, and I was sadly disappointed.  I guess someone managed to bypass the write-protect and tape over it, but I think it’s really crummy that they then sold it to HPB. Back to Mr. Le Bihan: He’s soooo handsome.  (I think I must be like Wanda from A Fish Called Wanda, who goes all wild for accents, because accents really get me going in a way that just hearing a man [with an accent] talking should not get a lady going.  I mean, it could be a grocery list, and… <shiver>.  We’re not talking writhing on the floor or anything, but … phew.  Foreign accents: Yes, please. They don’t even have to be real, either – if you can do a convincing fake, I’m cool with that. I’ll pretend. Hee.


3 Responses to “Update!”

  1. “I’d rather have a new car than a Spinsanity spindle.”

    I just got a google alert to this post today. I also just bought a new car (OK, it’s used but it’s nice and new to me) today (hey, guess what? I have a new car!!). I won’t share my car (already fighting off three teenagers) but how about one of my spindles? Email me, please? shannon at spinsanityspindles dot com


  2. Angel said

    I love the Torn Fabric String! I’m trying to find a source for more online–I bought a spool on clearance but I don’t think I’ll have enough for my project (tote bag). If you have any links, I’d appreciate it :)

    Love your work! I’ve only been knitting for a few months, hopefully I’ll be able to branch out soon.

  3. […] zone with many projects at once, and soon I’ll be down to a couple pairs of socks and my big ole entrelac scarf that’s been languishing in the purgatory of my stash closet because of my knitting ADD. But I […]

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