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Posted by Miss Knotty on August 15, 2007

Just to put all you animal-lovin minds at ease, don’t worry: I’m not getting rid of the cat (despite my better judgement and my stashes’ cries of alarm). (the roving and the yarn had a thing to say about it though.)

My vet assures me that ‘some cats are chewers. It happens’.  Which, I suppose, pretty much sucks no matter how you slice it, but at least I know it’s not all outright feline malevolence. 

In any case, I’m jumping back on the horse – I started a new cardi with a new yarn and a different pattern; I’m swatching now, and I’m not going to quit knitting just because her majesty thinks it delicious.  She only thinks she rules the roost.  If she’s not careful, she’s going to be usurped in a way that only another housecat could understand. (what?!)

 Anyway, here is a picture of her in non-plussed mode. She is clearly pleased at being granted a reprieve.
I cannot be bothered with you


One Response to “Okayokayokay!”

  1. Birdy said

    I hope everything works out. Maybe put your WIP in a plastic tub by your knitting place instead of just out or in a basket.

    Once again I am so happy my cat doesn’t show any interest in my yarn–only a 5 year old that wants make spider webs.

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