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Birthday Greetings!

Posted by Miss Knotty on August 10, 2007

I have had a positively grand birthday week! Today I’m twenty(mumble mumble mumble).  Thanks to everyone for the wonderful birthday greetings! :) I have such awesome friendses!

In the order of most recent first (because that’s the easiest to remember) – I give you:

Gooey Socks! These lovely little numbers are from the fantastical JennyJake, and also came with some footie-scrub from True Blue Spa – these socks have gel on the bottom-inside of the sock, and feel absolutely LOVELY on my sad little feet. It’s trippy too, because when I walk on them, I have an extra layer between me and the floor, and it’s gushy, so it’s rather like walking on little pillows. Yummers. I got home from the Craft Circle of Doom! and put them right on my tootsies. MMMM. At first it’s kinda trippy, but then you get used to it and it feels really good.
Gooey Socks

In addition, Jenny gave me some lovely Claudia Handpaint Fingering, in Stormy Days colorway – I’m going to have to find a cool pattern to show off these lovely colors!Claudia Stormy Days Color

Big fun!

I’m so loving that I’ve gotten 3 different sock yarns – do my friends know me or what?  I heart the sock-knitting. Oh yes I do.  I can’t wait to finish out Circumnavigated Cardi so I can jump into some more complex sock patterns (and jump back into Seraphim).  Wee haw! Fun-Ness!

As an aside: congratulations to Birdie and the Flying Dutchman for your exciting announcement! Many blessings on your family! :)

Last night at SNB, Blogless Erica and Sam gave me some rockin’ stuff:

From Erica, 8 oz of undyed BFL* top (weeee!) and Dream In Color Smooshy sock yarn, in Gothic Rose colorway, an absolutely fantastic black cherry color. MM MM. Deelish. So I gotta work on my mad spinnin’ skillz, and decide if I’m going to dye the roving and then spin it, or if I’m going to spin it up and then dye it. The Choices!!! Which will it be? Stay Tuned!
Smooshy & TopDream in Color Smooshy Gothic Rose (Stash)

From Sam, this gorgeous Cherry tree Hill Supersock in Northern Lights, and some hand-made stitch markers, in vivid Life-Savers colors. Look pretty enough to eat, for sure!
CTH Northern Lights & SMsStitch Markers

My mom, Blogless Mom, gave me an Angel box Set – Angel is my favorite perfume – if you haven’t smelled it before, I have to say, Yummy  Get you to fine department store and give it a sniff! It’s positively glorious!
Angel Boxset
I’m going to bed now – I still have to work tomorrow.

*Muggles’ Dictionary:
SNB: Stitch ‘n B*tch; a gathering of knitters to talk and work on their projects, usually in a public venue like a coffee house, and hopefully in large numbers.
BFL: Blue Faced Leicester – a breed of sheep known for producing really high-quality wool. I can’t wait to crack into it.

Gratuitous handspun shots:

Handspun MohairHandspun Oddments


2 Responses to “Birthday Greetings!”

  1. Sam said

    I’m loving the handspun! It looks gorgeous :)

  2. Amy N TX said

    Happy Happy Birthday!!!

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