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A vicious case

Posted by Miss Knotty on August 4, 2007

of Finishitis:

The “Emerald Bracelet” from MagKnits:
Emerald Bracelet from MagKnits
Just needs a snap for a clasp, and it’s well and truly finito!

My Huggable Hedgehog Skunk

Post Felting (2)

He’s drying right now, then I’ll do his little eyes and stuff him closed.

Maybe it’s a case of finishing-touch-itis. …

He still needs a name, but I think I’m going to call him Schroeder. That just seems to fit him.. Although Shadrach came in a close second, because it’s just off the wall enough to please my whimsy, but still a Bible name (where Schroeder is not). Then, of course, there’s Samuel (a favorite ‘S’ name), and Simon (‘allo, my name is Simon, and I like to do drawrings!)

I think my little buddy should have an alliterative name, and Pepe and Flower are much too prosaic for my taste. They’re both famous already. Besides, he doesn’t look like Flower or Pepe. I know, I have toy versions of both. I have such a weakness for skunks. I think it may be because of my heartfelt love of black and white (and all the shades of gray in between). Maybe. That said, I also love the Over The Top-ness of Pepe Le Pew, and the humble, quiet, lovable Flower. Perhaps its because everybody seems to hate skunks, and I have a weakness for the underdog. Maybe it’s because I’m as nuts as people say think I am. If I’m going to be nuts, then I’m going to be Miss Havisham. All I need now is for a great (or not-so-great) love affair to go awry, to be left at the altar, and then to lose the last tenuous hold on sanity that I might have had.

Every once in a while I get finishitis.

It’s this ‘Just Finish!’ feeling I have. Whether it’s because my cache of ‘wannaknits’ is getting so long that it’s getting silly and I want to get underway on some new projects, or because I’m just tired of looking at the stuff I’m knitting and I want to move from ‘knitting’ to ‘wearing’, in all due haste. Either way, it spurs me to get working, one project at time, to finish, finish, finish. It’s amazing how fast a project will go when one opts to work only on it until it’s done. Weird, huh? :) And yet, Circumnavigated Cardi still languishes. It’s on my Just Finish It list, and it’s starting to make its way to the top of the pile. I have one bracelet that I’m working on to finish up (which may well end up a choker, it’s kinda big and I think it’ll choke quite elegantly. (ha)) It’s using lavender perle cotton and corresponding 8/0 beads on Sz 0 (2.5 mm) needles, to fairly pleasing results.

The Misery Mystery stole continues, I’m on chart 1 of Clue 1, and it’s bedeviling me still. (it’s on the BOTTOM of the Just Finish It pile, because Baby’s gonna take a while). That’s OK though. I was rather nonplussed at the theme reveal, but maybe that’s because I so badly wanted Blogless Erica’s theme to be The Theme (She thought it was Persephone, and gave a very convincing pile of evidence to support her point, although I don’t know if she ever told Melanie – I think Melanie might have changed the theme on the fly because both work so well (except that the shawl now will have a wing on it, and therefore will no longer fit the Persephone theme). Not that the Swan Lake theme wasn’t well-thought out, and it was really cool to read about her inspirations in putting this shawl together (and I have high hopes that it will be very beautiful once it’s finished, but not terribly swan-like, being in dark chocolate brown (unless it’s a chocolate swan?) MMM Chocolate.

I still have Seraphim PICT0047 and Danica Entrelac Scarf Fabric String progress waiting in the wings too. I anticipate that Danica will go quickly, it’s a big yarn on a big needle (Bulky weight, Sz 13s), and Seraphim is on a Size 7 I think, and is fingering weight (not laceweight, whooppee!), so those will likely be coming out of hibernation too. Particularly Danica – I’m really digging the Torn Fabric String. It’s kind of tough to knit with, but I think it’s going to look fantastic once it’s done, and I also think it’ll soften up substantially after a decadent soak in fabric softener (it’s 100% cotton).

The Onlinie (?) socks are one down, one to go, and I’m already cast-on and ribbing on sock 2 – no Second Sock Syndrome for me!!!

So anyway, that’s the ‘in waiting’ and ‘hot off the needles’ status.


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