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This blog brought to you by

Posted by Miss Knotty on July 15, 2007

Things that make me go EEEEEK!!!! In the interest of giving anyone who is bug-scaredy a fair warning, please note that there is a picture with a big, big bug down this page. You are thus warned. I encourage you to speed by it as quickly as possible, as there is knitting content below it.

It’s big. I shrieked when I saw it scuttling (yes, it was big enough to SCUTTLE) across the parking spot next to mine. eeeyah. I’m putting it here as a thumbnail, you can go to my flickr page for more pics.

The Bug. click the pick to go to my flickr page and look some more. (shiver)
He stood still long enough for me to take a pic, run inside, get my tape measure, come out, position it, and take a shot. Wasn’t that nice? (double shiver)

In other news, I made progress on the sock, Sock progress 7-15-07 and I started the Huggable Hedgehog in the class at the Shabby Sheep. I’m making mine a skunk though. Because that’s how I roll.PICT0951 Hee.

In other progress, the sock has gained about 1 1/2″ thanks to a long wait in the doctor’s office:

I have about 1 1/2″ more to go and then I’ll decrease for the toe. Woot!

Let’s not talk about circumnavigated cardigan, ok? No, I haven’t made progress on it. I didn’t get to knit about 3 nights this week, I have a another new addiction obsession hobby to feed (peyote stitch seed stitch beading; aww yeah – photos to come)

and I’m basically about to be pulling my hair out with the new guild year starting – this is my busy time. Oooooh goody.

That’s all for now, I’m off to stick labels on envelopes.



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