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Mystery Stole: 1; Miss Knotty: 0

Posted by Miss Knotty on July 10, 2007

I ripped it out. It was making me NUTS! I was up to row 79 or so (where that first curved figure comes out of the center and I messed up a centered double decrease, tinked back, dropped a stitch, reknit to the end (and two more rows before my count was off), looked back, realized I had a run right through the troublesome decrease, said an unwholesome word (in my head) and decided to admit defeat. For now. It’s won the battle, but not the war. I’m still reading the charts (they’re still running in front of my eyes), but I’ve decided to show a rare note of faithfulness to the Circumnavigated Cardigan. I’m about 3″ shy of where the armholes start decreasing, and I’m anxious to get it off my wip list. So I’m trying to do just a couple of rows every night. 2 rows = around 1/2″ of knitting, so I’m getting close now. I just have to keep on keeping on for just a little longer, and then I’ll be decreasing like the wind on the raglan sleeves and neck decreases, and I’ll be ready for sleeves. Keep on truckin….
Cardi 2 in 7 10 07

That said, I had my knitting guild board meeting this evening, and it’s about to get busy, getting started with the new guild year, so I’ll have to either be really disciplined about getting my knitting in, or wave goodbye to it until after the first flush of renewal reminders come out. Just have to keep… on… truckin…

Cardi 7 10 07

You’ll note that the bottoms are kicking up quite a bit.  I bound off LOOSELY.  Which is good, in its way, I don’t want it to bind, but I’m hoping that some of the kickiness will be tamed by the button bands, and some will be tamed by blocking.


2 Responses to “Mystery Stole: 1; Miss Knotty: 0”

  1. Sam said

    Eeek, I’m sorry to hear about the Mystery Stole! Sometimes projects just need to sit in time out for a while.

    Missed you at SnB this week!

  2. sandrar said

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

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