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I’m not much of a midday blogger, but

Posted by Miss Knotty on July 2, 2007

Oh my gosh people – the rain is sheeting down here, says thunderstorms are likely this afternoon and through the evening, and it looks like rain here all week.

 I’m glad God promised never to flood the earth again, but He’s sure giving a reasonable facsimile!!  In June (in Dallas, TX), it rained 19 out of 30 days!  That’s more than half, people!! It’s NUTS!

I’m not sure if that’s 19 days in a row or what, but it sure seems like it’s rained every day for the last month.  Sigh.

 Today calls for a couch, a cat, a glass of wine, some knitting, and either music or a movie playing.  It’s just….

 I will never say that I’m tired of the rain, but good golly, miss molly! I didn’t mean for it all to come down all at once!!


2 Responses to “I’m not much of a midday blogger, but”

  1. Amy N TX said

    I know what you mean! As I was outside LAST Sunday enjoying how green everything was, I was so very thankful for the rain and that I haven’t had to drag the hose around to water trees. Then it starts raining again for a week. I will not complain. I will not complain. I will not complain. :)

    your MS3 is beeeyoootiful!

  2. Sam said

    Dallas seems to be in some sort of an “all or nothing” situation – flooding or drought! Yesterday, though, I was watching TV during a huge rainshower, and a commercial came on imploring citizens to “save Dallas’ water”.

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