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What? Something new? (But of course!)

Posted by Miss Knotty on June 21, 2007

I’m such the joiner these days.

I joined a meme (my 9 names, I’m sure many of you have seen it around)

I joined a Knitalong – PinkLemonTwist’s Mystery Stole 3; I’m sure many of you have seen it around and/or joined


Well, in any case, I’m breaking from conformity, by not knitting it in the recommended black/dark colors or white/light colors. I’m knitting it in this absolutely awesomely cool hand-dyed fingering weight yarn by The Accidental Knitter. You’ll remember it from January. What, you don’t? I’ll remind you:

XCU Yarn

So here’s the swatch – I like it:
Swatch US 4

I’m knitting on a US 4 here (3.5 mm) – I will likely do a couple more repeats (but not tonight), and then try on a US5 also (3.75mm) and see how I feel about that.  The yarn-overs here are an appreciable size with the US 4, and I’ve hand-stretched the swatch out here a little and just laid it out, but once I’ve done some more repeats in a 4 and some repeats on a 5, I’ll do the recommended wet-blocking and see what I see.  I’m trying to take the swatch with a grain of salt here, because I know the stole will be wider than 35 sts and so the color repeats will be very different, (but I really like them on this small piece, so I’m hoping I’ll super-duper love them on the bigger piece, once I’ve cast on the number of stitches on 6/29 (I can hardly wait!!!).  We’ll see, won’t we?

Besides, if the yarn just doesn’t work with the pattern (i.e. lace gets lost in color/vice versa), I can always just use this marvelous yarn that I love so dear on something else, and use the recommended yarn (but I’d have to go buy it, and I already have this yarn in my stash).   But I don’t want to knit up something that uses this awesome yarn that I won’t enjoy wearing, so we’ll just have to take it as it comes, and say ‘we’ll see’ a lot. :)

Goodnight, folks!


One Response to “What? Something new? (But of course!)”

  1. Jennyjake said

    Hey! I didn’t get Dart’s voicemail till 8:30 so I guess there was the-craft-circle-of-Doom last night. *shrugs* oh well. How did the couch thing go? Do you need tools to help take the door off?

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