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The promised pictorial knitting update:

Posted by Miss Knotty on June 17, 2007

These are for you, my faithful reader(s) – I have long promised photo updates, and here they are. I’ve been playing in Ravelry, and I’ve finally updated to a Flickr Pro account, so now I just have to actually remember to TAKE pictures of my works in progress. We’ll see how good I am about that. I promise I’m trying – I just don’t think of it. But I’ll try.

Here is progress one: The Circumnavigated Cardigan:
Knitting in Worsted Weight 100% Wool, Pingoin brand, Navy Blue. This yarn is probably 20 years old, I’m told, and has been gifted to and from a number of people. It was gifted to me by the lovely, but blogless, Sheryl. It was gifted to her by blogless Libby. I’m not sure if Libby bought it or if it was gifted to her, but it’s changed hands a few times, dig? Here’s the sweater:
Cardi Progress

I’ve fused the top and bottoms of the pockets, and I’m working the bottom ribbing down. I haven’t yet decided how long I want the ribbing to be. I’m thinking about another 1/2″ or so, so about 4-5 more rows ought to do it. The yarn is very nice to work with, it’s comfortable in my hands, and the sweater is going to be lovely warm once it’s finished.. The body is knitted on US 7s and the ribbing is being knit in a US 4. I don’t know the mm measurements on those needles, sorry (and I’m too lazy to go get my gauge and tell you.  If you’re that interested, comment me and I’ll look them up.

Number 2:

The “Emerald Beaded Bracelet” –
Emerald Bracelet Progress

I’m knitting this in white glass seed beads on white thread – it looks very bridal. I’m not sure if I’m going to be putting this in my hope chest or if I’ll be gifting it to a bride, but if I meet a knitty bride in the near future, or just a very good friend…. In either case, it’s very pretty. I’m knitting it in size US 0000s, or a 1 mm for the rest of the world.

And finally, my traveling, mindless, KIP project: The Continental socks:
Continental Sock 1 Heel turn

So-called because I’m learning to knit continental-style* as I work this project – I’ve devoted these socks to this process. I’ve knitted the whole thing thus far in Continental style, save maybe 5-10 stitches. This is sock 1. I’m knitting it in Crystal Palace size 1s, (2.25 mm), using ONline Supersocke. Weird colorway, not usually colors I’d go for, but I like it, so I’m sticking with it. Besides, if they’re just too weird** – I’ll just wear them around the house, no big. These socks are for meeeee. Wee!

So that’s the projects in WIP phase right now. I have a couple others on Ravelry, a Danica Scarf (entrelac) using cloth string, and a felted coaster project that’s almost done, and Seraphim’s in hibernation phase right now, until I finish up with Circumnavigated Cardi, and further improve my chart-reading. I’m working on this, but it’s still a challenge, and the chart is still kind of melting in front of my eyes, and it’s not really lining up right for me to read, so I’m working on reading and translating it for practice, but I haven’t worked on the project for a while. It’ll come back out before long, though.


*For those of you who don’t knit, I’ll give you the quick and dirty – there are lots of styles of knitting in the world.  I usually knit holding the yarn in my right hand, which is typically called ‘English’ or ‘American’ style, wherein one ‘throws’ the yarn around the needle, in order to make a stitch (there’s a hand motion there that is much easier to demonstrate in person).  In the ‘Continental’ style, the yarn is held in the left hand, and is ‘picked’ rather than ‘thrown’.  It tends to be a little easier on the hands and wrists, and yields a faster knitting process, in terms of the hand motions involved.  Knitting in either English or Continental is strictly a matter of preference, I don’t endorse one over the other, both have their benefits and drawbacks, but I want to know them both.  As an added benefit, by knowing how to hold yarn in both/either hand, I can do colorwork knitting with more ease, and I really like colorwork, so you’ll be seeing more of that in the future, I think.

**too weird for me?  I don’t know if that’s possible. I’m pretty weird, but in a charming, geeky, harmless way, not in a ‘hide the children’ way.


One Response to “The promised pictorial knitting update:”

  1. Thanks for visiting my little corner of the web! Your projects look like they’re coming along great – love the beaded wristlet. I knitted a beaded purse on 0000’s one time, which was great fun. Except the part where you have to string a billion little beads and they go everywhere. >_

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