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The Move (extended cut)

Posted by Miss Knotty on June 3, 2007

I have no pictures to show you right now, sadly. I’m on a friend’s laptop and don’t have the appropriate cable for uploading pictures.  Sadness. 

 Shall we say, the move was… a disappointment.  I used the moving company that I used before (when I moved into this apartment).  I’ll simply  say that this time around didn’t go as well as I would have liked.  They broke one of my hand-painted pieces of furniture; they took a REALLY long time, they left the back of the truck open and we had to stop and re-secure it….

I don’t deny that working as a mover is a very difficult vocation, but it was made clear to me that these guys really just weren’t into it.  I was really disappointed in the level of service I received from the company that I previously thought so very highly of, that I had recommended to other people, really let me down.  I’m not revealing the name of the company, in hopes that the service level I received was a fluke, an exception and not the new norm for this company.  Anyway. That’s the news that is.

 In good news, I really like my new apartment, and things are really starting to settle in and feel more like home.  I got the kitties moved over last Sunday* – I still have some unpacking to do, and I’m working at getting organized as I’m moving in, putting my yarn into clear under-bed boxes (both so I can see what I have and so that I don’t have to ‘box it up’ the next time I move (whenever that might be) because it’s all already self-contained).

One of my long-term goals is to become more organized and put-together, and efficient, and not have a bunch of stuff just lying around.  I hope that, as I’m doing all this throwing away and passing-on of stuff, that I’ll be happier, maybe less control-freak-like.   I still have a lot of miles to go, and a lot of stuff to still divest, but I’m actually getting better at it, I think. 


*Sneakers did really, really well – she didn’t like being crated (who does?), and she let her displeasure be known in her baleful tone, but she took the rest in stride.  I walked her around the apartment, took her to the box, and then turned her loose to explore and check stuff out, which she did, in all due haste (however that’s defined for an 8ish year-old cat). 

Elinor Dashwood, on the other hand….  Maybe not so much.  She was FREAKED.  She squeaked and squawked her way all the way through the process, her little tail was puffed up and her eyes were dilated from the time when the movers started moving until… I don’t know, like Wednesday.  She was really shaken up by everything, I think.  This was her first move though, from when she was a kitten and came home with me.  She’s never moved, and I seem to remember that Sneakers wasn’t as sanguine the first time I moved, but she’s moved with me many times over the years, so she’s getting a lot more relaxed about the whole process.  She knows the drill.   Still though, poor Elinor.  She was so freaked out.  I’ve had some very cozy bedmates the last week or so – I guess they’re still worried that I’m going to abandon them or something.  Elinor’s become downright friendly.  (which, those of you who know her personally can vouch that she tends to be fairly aloof.)  She’s chatty now, which is funny to me, because her little voice sounds very kittenish indeed, despite that she’s around 3 1/2 now.)  I thought she was older, but I found a dated photo (it didn’t have a date on it; it included a guy I dated**) holding one of her litter mates, so I have a pretty good idea that she was born in Spring of 2003, where I thought she was a little older than that). 

 **Does anyone find it odd that I count time and can recall times and dates by looking at photos of men I dated and can tell you when things happened in my life based on who I was dating at the time?  Does that make anyone else a little sad?  It’s so weird, but when I quit dating (I quit dating for a while, while I work out some of my crazy and try to divest myself of some of the baggage from the past – Since I’m a new creation in Christ, and all that stuff is past – truly past – gone and over – water under the bridge) I did that the other night actually – I threw away a big bag of old photos and stuff (incl. negatives) of things and people from the past that were more of a hindrance.  It was interesting, because Dr. Graham preached this morning about how nostalgia can be a tool the Devil uses, and I had a moment of disagreement.  He said that sometimes we ‘look back’ and remember with fondness the times before we were Christians, and ‘all the fun we had’ – as I looked back in the pictures, I didn’t have fond memories, generally.  I thought a lot (a lot) about the people that came into and went out of my life, and I have a lot of regret over that period, and sorrow for time lost and time wasted, and I felt a lot of nothing over a lot of the guys, too, which is sad, but true), but I’m happy to report that my pleasant nostalgia tends to center around times that I don’t have photos for – when I was doing service events like DallasOne, or helping friends, and/or hanging out with people from my Sunday School class, or hanging out with knitters or spinners, and I don’t think to take pictures, because I’m enjoying just being around them, and just doing life with my friends, and not memorexing it. 


One Response to “The Move (extended cut)”

  1. Amy N Tx said

    So glad you are getting settled in! My last move with Abby (the youngest cat) did not go well either. She hid under the bed in the spare room and didn’t come out until 5am when she stood on my head and meowed loudly!

    Oh and you aren’t the only one who counts time by who you were dating or events that were happening!

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